Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Texts from Donald

I have a brother named Donald.

But everyone calls him DoFo.

True story: I went to the high school to meet up with someone when I was home last year. As I walked by the room of one of the most popular teachers in the school, Mr. T saw me and called me into his class. He does things like this.

His opening statement (to his class): "How many of you know Do-Fo?"


Mr. T: "This is Do-Fo's older sister"

Class: "Whoaaaa...whattt???? Cool."

Just one example of how Donald basically rules the school. (Sorry Donald...)

Anyways, Donald sends me the best text messages. I save them in my phone because they make me laugh. But I thought I'd share the joy.

Here we go:

"So some guy just called to ask if dad was single because some lady down at the temple wanted to know. Guess he was asking for her"

"So I was walking from math to the bathroom, it was still passing period, and this random girl fame up and gave me a hug, her and her friends thought it was going to be funny because they thought they would weird me out. I could tell because they were laughing. Little did they know who they picked, so as she did this i started rubbing her head/hair, they were not expecting that so they started laughing at their friend who was undoubtedly embarrassed."

"So I went to buffalo wild wings with some friends tonight and while we are there this other kid from my physics class shows up and gets a table right behind us. So i got our waitress to bring him a glass of water and say it was from me. He turns around and just starts laughing. It was great!"

"I just got trapped in an elevator!"

Yeah. The kid is funny.

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Jill said...

Would you mind giving him my number to send me some hilarious text messages?