Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back in the Saddle

And by saddle I mean cast/crutches/self-pity for the next few weeks.

(this is going to be a blog post about my feet, just fyi (and what I say when i'm on drugs) you don't have to read it. but you should. also this is being written just a few minutes after taking percocet. nbd.)

Thats right, this is the first blog of a new girl. The first blog from a bunionless Cindy. I've never been bunionless before. I haven't been sure how I should approach the new I embrace it or try to hold on to what I've known my whole life? I fear I can't do that, though, because I am new. Reborn, as it were.

This picture doesn't do the right foot justice in its rebirth. On my right foot (from henceforth known as Paul Bunyon), my big toe and second toe are now not permanently touching (as one can see on the left foot (Babe the Blue Ox)). My toe is significantly straighter and I get a sweet scar to show for it! I'm so lucky.

As of yesterday, Babe the Blue Ox has joined Paul in a land of joy and acceptance. You can't see it, because its in a giant cast, but I know its awesome.

My good brother was there to wait for me to get my surgery done and to take me home and be my caretaker. Another reason I'm 87 years old-I need a caretaker. Anyways. he's great. I guess the lady thought he was my husband and then when she found out he was my brother she felt awkward. Sucker. No but she really was nice so I won't call her that.

This is Aaron learning Nepali in his spare time. Because who doesn't do that? He is pretty smart and already understands a lot of it. And he's in the Mechanical Engineering program so lets just say he has a lot of awesome Nepali friends.

Aaron was able to describe my waking up process quite thoroughly yesterday, and so I thought I'd share a few gems that he said I said. I only wish this had been recorded, and then I could have become a youtube sensation. My surgery did happen on a Friday, Friday. I totally got down on Friday.

So the pulse reader on my finger I guess had fallen off and at one point I asked Aaron what my heart rate was. It was 34 (almost dying) so I guess I started yelling out "Je mort! Je MORT" (which, translated, means 'i'm dying!!!'). Then I guess I yelled out I was dying in English. At this point Aaron said the nurse lady looked up from her desk and he quickly assured her that I was not, in fact, dying. Then I kept speaking in French. And then I guess I started speaking in Korean. Which is funny because my vocabulary is quite limited in that language. I so wish I knew what I was saying.

And then I am freezing. I am seriously cold (i do remember this). So I complain about how cold I am. So they bring me this crazy heated bubble blanket-its made out of thin plastic. They put it on me and then I got mad, saying "HOW IS THIS GOING TO KEEP ME WARM?!" and kicked it to my feet. After all, it is some very thin plastic. They quickly put it back on me and then hooked it up to some machine that inflated it with warm air and that was quite delightful.

So delightful that I then said, "I wanna take this blanket home and make sweet love to it".

Yes, apparently I am the same person on drugs and off drugs. Its how I do!

One bonus to being a gimp again?

That's right.

Also, please come visit me.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Working for BYU has a couple perks. And only sometimes.

But last week I was happy to have one perk...getting out of work early because of Commencement! Bam!! That 2:30 pm looked so good to me, you have no idea.

To celebrate, we went to the ZOO! Also this would be a perfect time to say that we are in our 20's...we are adults. But sometimes you just want to go to the zoo.

We each picked an animal to channel in our clothing options.

Andy-wolf. Rachel-shark. Jill and Janna-zebra. Sam-wolf.

We so excited...we so excited!

Janna and Jill make a lovely zebra couple, don't you think?

I rather enjoyed the monkeys. Even the one that hit the glass because it didn't like Jill staring at it. And the one that ate its own vomit...ok not that one. It was gross.

Boat= George Washington Crossing the Delaware. Always.

And here we are dancing.

Yeah, it was a good day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Best Friends Beto's

My BFF Todd made an appearance in the great state of Utah this past week.

Not gonna lie, its just what I needed in my life. He's just so darn cute!

Of course, as always, our first stop was Beto's. And, as always, it destroyed my insides in a way no other food can.

Also, the Beto's employee at the time and I had quite a personal exchange. As in most Mexican eateries, there was Spanish music playing in the background. So when I was walking up to the counter to order, I had a little dance in my step. The guy looked at me with a huge grin and asked "You like this kind of music?". I replied, "I don't like it...I love it, how could I not? Do you like this music?"
Him: "I'm Hispanic...of course I like this music"

So true to his history, that man.

Then for the duration of my time spent there, every time I looked around, he was there, staring at me, with that big smile on his face. Even as I got in the car, he was gazing out the window. Our eye contact was beautiful...we could probably fall in love.

Oh! And look here. Another Mexican restaurant with Todd! This time we got to wear hats.

Todd, even though you don't read this, please come back!

Also. So Todd and I decided to match when we went out this day (meaning I found this shirt in my closet that was almost identical to his so he had no choice in the matter) and as we were running errands we made a little stop at an antique store. We walked in and the girl behind the counter (probably in her mid to late 20's) immediately asked if we just had just got our engagement photo's taken. We said no. Then she asked if we were brother and sister. We said no again. Then she decided to give us some words of wisdom, telling us we should probably consider dating because it just made sense!

And then we got engaged. Thanks stranger girl!

Also that antique store was cool but there was this giant gross dog wandering around it. Like, a massive poodle. And I couldn't help but make my displeasure known about it. Yucky.

The end.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Right Now

Last week was weirdly busy. It was full of goodness and fun and fantasticness and I loved every moment of it. It also made me foreal tired and sleep deprived and I haven't quite caught up yet.

But before I get started on describing all the cool things I did last week, I need to confess something.

It is something that has been difficult for me to come to terms with.

It involves someone...someone unexpected and beautiful and full of life and wonderful.

Our affair started with an introduction, as most do. I'll be honest. He had been talked up quite a bit before we even met. I knew he was someone special, but then when I met him, my dreams quickly became my reality.

Enter Rob...aka Cupcake Rob

Rob is the epitome of grace and humility, not to mention toned, muscular, and comparable to a Greek god. And he looks real good holding a cupcake.

And I look real good holding him.

I promise you...if you go to the Chocolate in Orem, you won't be disappointed...and I'm not just talking about the baked goods.

(you can also read about him here and here)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pulled Over Twice

I drove my little bro Kris back to Colorado from Idaho this past weekend. He seemed to have a pretty good semester, in case you were wondering. Love me some college times.

It was an awesome drive minus being pulled over twice, one speeding ticket, some snowstorms, a night in Evanston, and drinking my first ever energy drink (yuck).

However, we did survive. In perfect timing to see this kid off to Prom.

Doesn't he just look so rico suave? I thought so. LEGIT.
(also, his mission papers are in! he's growing up so fast...just yesterday he was stealing all my thunder)

Then the rest of us went to eat. We probably shouldn't go out in public? No, no we should.


Thursday, April 7, 2011


I called my dentist today to ask about a special they're having. I did this while I was getting my oil changed. I felt weird. But also a little bit awesome. Like I do adult things.

I need to get a haircut and I'm stuck trying to decide what to do! To appease my desire for change, and being inspired by the short-lived style sported by Janna (shout out!), I've been parting my hair down the middle. The butt-cut as some call it. Anyways, when I wear my 70's thrifted dresses I feel legit. Like I should be at Woodstock and/or doing scandalous things...And I kinda like that. I NEED YOUR HAIR HELP PLEASE. Deciding my next hair move (not with scandalous things).


I'm writing a rap about Celebrity Apprentice. Its going to be awesome.

I've really been missing my boys in Korea. It's a little bit sad knowing I'll probably never see them again. Or, a lot sad.

I don't know about you, but baseball season gets me real excited! Mostly because this guy is coming back into my life!

And in case you aren't aware, the Beard has been having his own sort of March Madness in the form of a Beard Off. Aka Beard Madness. It the championship round right now, so big things are happening.

I'm real happy that its No-Pants Spring again...its my favorite time of the year!

I came up with the best idea for a tattoo, but that deserves its own blog post.

You're welcome in advance.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I wanna Brandon Davies you...

Also, same friend found this most excellent cartoon.

It comes from a Korean (yay!) newspaper.

And it describes the Brandon Davies situation perfectly.

They know whats up.

I just died laughing

Check this out:

Justin Bieber's face photoshopped into random pictures.


Email Troll - David Thorne, We Salute You!

found HERE

dental relationships

Growing up, we had a sweet dentist. He was a member of our church and so we were familiar with him outside of the scary chair, so it made our visits less painful. I remember that I was also best friends with the receptionist and she let me color every time I came for a check up. And then we always went out to ice cream afterwards. Yeah, those were good times.

Then in high school we had a different dentist. She was yucky. A bit older, a bit harder to understand, a bit more foreign. She was not ideal. I referred to her as the Russian because terrified me. She gave me a root canal. I hated her.

I only went to the dentist once in college. No memories of that man.

And now, I have stumbled upon the best dentist known to mankind.

I seriously love going to the dentist, because it means I'll hang out with my friends while they fix my teeth. And we'll joke and laugh and just be happy...because we're together. Last time I went in, I walked into the back and the dentist and his assistant were excited to see me! They were talking about how it'd be soo long and then we caught up on life. It was such a nice reunion.

Also, my current dentist never lets me walk away empty handed! My lips have stayed hydrated thanks to all their free chapstick.

Best part? The phone call.

After every visit, my dentist will call me...just to make sure my teeth are feeling fine! Kind of awkward, kind of awesome. But mostly awesome because last time I got my dentist to say the completely incorrect phrase "mo' betta''.

Yeah...he's great.

Can't wait to get that crown in two weeks!!


I may or may not...

Oh wait. I MAY

Be obsessed with this song.


Quelle surprise.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talented People

I know some foreal talented people. And because of their talents, I am benefiting. SUCKAS

Last night included a free yoga class taught by the B.Rae herself. Me and her go way back, and we may or may not have even traveled around Europe together.

Anyways, now she's all yoga master and is opening her own studio. If you're in the Provo area and want to get your butt kicked, go to her class. Its pretty awesome/intense. A couple months ago we got together and were talking about all the things we wanted to accomplish this year (we really like goals) and I'm super impressed that she's making this happen. Props to anyone putting themselves out there. Its tough but mostly worth it. And I still hurt from last night.

Then tonight! My dear friend Matt, whom I met on the first day of freshman year of college, had a performance. He plays the tuba. He loves the tuba. I've never actually met anyone who loves the tuba as much as this kid. And he's good.

(circa 2007...Reno)

Through the years I have heard my fair share of the tuba in various concerts. Tonight the Wind Symphony performed at BYU and so I went to bask in the music. As always, I left feeling satisfied with the twists and turns of the notes. When we were driving after the show, Matt commented on how I had gone to his very first concert at BYU and that tonight was most likely his last...and even though I don't even play the tuba, I felt a twinge of sadness.

The end of an era. So bittersweet!

Anyways, I sometimes forget how lucky I am to know so many awesome people. And this is just a couple examples, kids. I could go on forever about how I know someone who is colorblind but who can still name every single winning team of every World Series (he truly triumphs in his struggles), and someone who can take really good pictures, and someone who is always hungry, and someone who is following his passion to become an actor, and someone who is really good at watching Law and Order.

And I appreciate of them.

That is all.