Wednesday, April 6, 2011

dental relationships

Growing up, we had a sweet dentist. He was a member of our church and so we were familiar with him outside of the scary chair, so it made our visits less painful. I remember that I was also best friends with the receptionist and she let me color every time I came for a check up. And then we always went out to ice cream afterwards. Yeah, those were good times.

Then in high school we had a different dentist. She was yucky. A bit older, a bit harder to understand, a bit more foreign. She was not ideal. I referred to her as the Russian because terrified me. She gave me a root canal. I hated her.

I only went to the dentist once in college. No memories of that man.

And now, I have stumbled upon the best dentist known to mankind.

I seriously love going to the dentist, because it means I'll hang out with my friends while they fix my teeth. And we'll joke and laugh and just be happy...because we're together. Last time I went in, I walked into the back and the dentist and his assistant were excited to see me! They were talking about how it'd be soo long and then we caught up on life. It was such a nice reunion.

Also, my current dentist never lets me walk away empty handed! My lips have stayed hydrated thanks to all their free chapstick.

Best part? The phone call.

After every visit, my dentist will call me...just to make sure my teeth are feeling fine! Kind of awkward, kind of awesome. But mostly awesome because last time I got my dentist to say the completely incorrect phrase "mo' betta''.

Yeah...he's great.

Can't wait to get that crown in two weeks!!


Jane said...

I'm so with you. Growing up we had the best dentist, and I always LOVED going for a cleaning or check up. I got to pick out a movie to watch, the nice (really done up with really white teeth) lady at the front desk always remembered my name, and sometimes I even got CHOCOLATE to take home (probably not a good move, though, doc). Our dentist's last name was Koczarski, so I still say I want to go visit the Czar.

Jane said...

(Only in my case, the Russian connotation was a good thing, ha ha.)

Katie said...

Cindy you crack me up!