Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Best Friends Beto's

My BFF Todd made an appearance in the great state of Utah this past week.

Not gonna lie, its just what I needed in my life. He's just so darn cute!

Of course, as always, our first stop was Beto's. And, as always, it destroyed my insides in a way no other food can.

Also, the Beto's employee at the time and I had quite a personal exchange. As in most Mexican eateries, there was Spanish music playing in the background. So when I was walking up to the counter to order, I had a little dance in my step. The guy looked at me with a huge grin and asked "You like this kind of music?". I replied, "I don't like it...I love it, how could I not? Do you like this music?"
Him: "I'm Hispanic...of course I like this music"

So true to his history, that man.

Then for the duration of my time spent there, every time I looked around, he was there, staring at me, with that big smile on his face. Even as I got in the car, he was gazing out the window. Our eye contact was beautiful...we could probably fall in love.

Oh! And look here. Another Mexican restaurant with Todd! This time we got to wear hats.

Todd, even though you don't read this, please come back!

Also. So Todd and I decided to match when we went out this day (meaning I found this shirt in my closet that was almost identical to his so he had no choice in the matter) and as we were running errands we made a little stop at an antique store. We walked in and the girl behind the counter (probably in her mid to late 20's) immediately asked if we just had just got our engagement photo's taken. We said no. Then she asked if we were brother and sister. We said no again. Then she decided to give us some words of wisdom, telling us we should probably consider dating because it just made sense!

And then we got engaged. Thanks stranger girl!

Also that antique store was cool but there was this giant gross dog wandering around it. Like, a massive poodle. And I couldn't help but make my displeasure known about it. Yucky.

The end.

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Katie said...

Cindy, YOU just make sense! I love reading your blog!