Monday, April 11, 2011

Pulled Over Twice

I drove my little bro Kris back to Colorado from Idaho this past weekend. He seemed to have a pretty good semester, in case you were wondering. Love me some college times.

It was an awesome drive minus being pulled over twice, one speeding ticket, some snowstorms, a night in Evanston, and drinking my first ever energy drink (yuck).

However, we did survive. In perfect timing to see this kid off to Prom.

Doesn't he just look so rico suave? I thought so. LEGIT.
(also, his mission papers are in! he's growing up so fast...just yesterday he was stealing all my thunder)

Then the rest of us went to eat. We probably shouldn't go out in public? No, no we should.


1 comment:

stewedslacker said...

HA HA, Wyoming sucks. I sawr you driving today, I would have given you a ticket too, 70 in a 55 construction zone... tsk tsk.