Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Right Now

Last week was weirdly busy. It was full of goodness and fun and fantasticness and I loved every moment of it. It also made me foreal tired and sleep deprived and I haven't quite caught up yet.

But before I get started on describing all the cool things I did last week, I need to confess something.

It is something that has been difficult for me to come to terms with.

It involves someone...someone unexpected and beautiful and full of life and wonderful.

Our affair started with an introduction, as most do. I'll be honest. He had been talked up quite a bit before we even met. I knew he was someone special, but then when I met him, my dreams quickly became my reality.

Enter Rob...aka Cupcake Rob

Rob is the epitome of grace and humility, not to mention toned, muscular, and comparable to a Greek god. And he looks real good holding a cupcake.

And I look real good holding him.

I promise you...if you go to the Chocolate in Orem, you won't be disappointed...and I'm not just talking about the baked goods.

(you can also read about him here and here)

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