Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Talented People

I know some foreal talented people. And because of their talents, I am benefiting. SUCKAS

Last night included a free yoga class taught by the B.Rae herself. Me and her go way back, and we may or may not have even traveled around Europe together.

Anyways, now she's all yoga master and is opening her own studio. If you're in the Provo area and want to get your butt kicked, go to her class. Its pretty awesome/intense. A couple months ago we got together and were talking about all the things we wanted to accomplish this year (we really like goals) and I'm super impressed that she's making this happen. Props to anyone putting themselves out there. Its tough but mostly worth it. And I still hurt from last night.

Then tonight! My dear friend Matt, whom I met on the first day of freshman year of college, had a performance. He plays the tuba. He loves the tuba. I've never actually met anyone who loves the tuba as much as this kid. And he's good.

(circa 2007...Reno)

Through the years I have heard my fair share of the tuba in various concerts. Tonight the Wind Symphony performed at BYU and so I went to bask in the music. As always, I left feeling satisfied with the twists and turns of the notes. When we were driving after the show, Matt commented on how I had gone to his very first concert at BYU and that tonight was most likely his last...and even though I don't even play the tuba, I felt a twinge of sadness.

The end of an era. So bittersweet!

Anyways, I sometimes forget how lucky I am to know so many awesome people. And this is just a couple examples, kids. I could go on forever about how I know someone who is colorblind but who can still name every single winning team of every World Series (he truly triumphs in his struggles), and someone who can take really good pictures, and someone who is always hungry, and someone who is following his passion to become an actor, and someone who is really good at watching Law and Order.

And I appreciate every.single.one of them.

That is all.


Jeff said...

of all my talents you had to focus on the fact that i'm always hungry. gee, thanks.

Jill said...

Oh please Jeff. I'M the one that's always hungry. You're good at watching L&O.