Sunday, May 29, 2011


I'm over here in Colorado for the weekend, celebrating some Donald success. Which isn't that rare, but its a worthy occasion. His graduation ceremony was yesterday and it wasn't as painful as some previous experiences, but they did obsess over the fact that their senior class was really 'special' and should be honored for not trashing the school on their way out for the last time.

For our senior exit, we threw a buttload of bouncy balls down the stairs. It was dangerous, but kind of awesome. But we're not as classy as Donald's graduating class. I guess.

To honor this occasion, I give to you some more text messages from Donald.

"So the other day I was at a bbq. I'm making my burger and you know, putting on mustard. I finish with that then start putting on the ketchup on my burger. You know how normally the condiments only spill on you if you're putting it on? Well instead, the ketchup hits the mustard and hits it off the burger onto my shirt. So i was putting on ketchup and got mustard on my shirt. Crazy, eh?"

"So, I was at Dairy Queen the other day right. We'd been hanging outside, and I made two balloon animal swords, one of my talents. So I say to my friend, hey lets sword fight inside, cause Dairy Queen lets you do anything. So we walk in and my friend says "I challenge you to a duel" and as we head for each other this 6 year old kid says, real mature guys. Well, you feel pretty childish when a 6 year old says you're immature. My friend stops in his tracks due to shame and laughter. So then i gave these two kids the swords, one of them the kid who called us immature. The mom says thanks but probably thought I was a creep. Then we go up to the counter and the kids start sword fighting and me and my friend really wanted to go up to them and say, real mature guys. But we figured that was a bad move."

Oh it feels good to graduate!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Kiss Me Thru the Phone.

Cher Voice.

(i recorded this awhile ago, but youtube was being difficult. and so i forgot about it. but then i remembered it existed tonight. and now it is here for you. to love, mock, and judge me-my faces are gooooood)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meloni Time

While Janna is gone celebrating life in a much warmer and happier place on earth, I am in possession of her Wii.

She is such a good person for letting it stay with me. And believe me Janna, I'm taking good care of it.

Upon perusing the Netflix options, it came to my knowledge that I can watch every episode of
Law and Order: SVU.

Dreams DO come true!

My current goal is to watch all 258 episodes. Don't worry, I probably won't. But it would be awesome if I did. I feel like everyone would be really impressed.

Also, I am falling more in love with Christopher Meloni. I don't know exactly what it is about him, but I love whatever it is.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

It's a sad day in the world, for Celebrity Apprentice is over.

But in John Rich's world, its a most excellent day! Because he won. And that is exactly what I wanted.

I am legit excited that he came out on top. And that Def Leppard showed up because in some of the commercials they made it seem like they wouldn't. And that Marlee Matlin lost. I mean, she seems nice. But I'm glad she lost.

Also, why did they put a microphone on Marlee? Can anyone answer that question? She kept

hitting it when she was signing (you know, when she got really enthused and loud) and it was distracting. Anyways, nice lady.

But no John Rich. He is the best.

In honor of the finale, I went to Jenn and Steve's, we ate Jenn's amazing meatloaf (get it? because Meatloaf aka Meat was on this season) and watched in style.

(The cooks/future voters of Donald Trump)

Me channeling my inner Lil Jon. Love him 'ppreciate him.

And my proudest baking moment ever. I love you Mr. Trump.

New York 2010

Remember when I went to New York in December?

I do. I love that city. So much.

My digital camera decided to pass out while I was there, so most of my pics were taken via disposable camera. I finally developed them.

Here are some of my favorites:

New York. I love you.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lobster on a Scooter

Here's the deal.

Yesterday was the first day of real sun and hotness we've had for awhile (this year), so naturally I wanted to take full advantage. Meaning: pool time.

I can't really swim...yet. Because of my surgery. I'm not meant to soak the foot. So it was mostly time spent beside the pool. And it was glorious. Fantastic. Amazing.

Until I came home. And looked in the mirror.

So today at church I looked like a lobster. On a scooter. If you ask me, I have no idea how I'm still single.

Also, this is what I looked like on Cinco de Mayo.

And I promise I'll stop posting pictures of myself.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

me want travel.

I'm going through serious travel I thought we could take a trip around the world for a second (via mostly self portraits).

Anyone want to go for a real trip? Pretty please?

(china. great wall)

(japan. itsukushima shrine)

(taiwan. national memorial hall)

(italy. colosseum)

(korea. war museum)

(holland. windmills)

(italy. venice. gondola)

(hungary. danube)

(england. parliament)

and my true love

(paris. eiffel tower)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Did you know?

Okay guys. A few days ago I was doing some research on something very important to me.

Vin Diesel.

He's not as important to me as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but they are both part of the very lucrative movie business. Most notably The Fast and the Furious. Who doesn't love that!? I thought so.

Anyways, I know that there's been some speculation on Mr. Vin's personal life, so I was led to the internets source of all truth and wisdom: Wikipedia. And on that Wikipedia I learned some very interesting things about this man who has us all in his grasp.

First off, how did he get his nickname? Vin Diesel's real name is Mark Vincent. Turns out when he was working as a bouncer in New York, he picked Vin to be his bouncer bad-a nickname. And then his friends 'always' said he was running on diesel fuel. Bam. Vin Diesel is born.

Secondovely, he is a twin! If any of you can find a picture of his twin bro, please send it my way. I searched google and was not rewarded for my efforts.

Thirdly, and this might be most important/impressive: HE HAS BEEN PLAYING DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS FOR 20 YEARS! He even wrote the forward in its commemorative book! I mean, who would've thought? Vin Diesel. Dungeons. Dragons. So many good things happening here.

Also, on an unrelated note, I was over at my bro's house last night and he was watching Yo Gabba Gabba...ok his kids were. It was the first time I've ever caught a glimpse of such a show and I must say I was-confused? It is so weird! But in an engaging kind of way. Like a car crash, you just can't look away. Mostly I was interested in the guy who was hosting the show. Why would this man say yes to this gig?

Turns out that guy, DJ Lance Rock, graduated high school in 1983...whhhaaaatttt?! Also he's bff's with the guys in Aquabats. And sometimes does shows with them.

I have two words: you're welcome.

Friday, May 6, 2011

First Friday in May

Today is a seriously special day. More than you even realize. And I'm being completely serious.

First off, did we know that today is No-Pants Day?!?! I'm disappointed in myself for not knowing about this sooner, and not being more involved. I just wish every day was no-pants day, but thats just me. Also, thanks to Jill, I'm sad I wasn't in Denver tonight more than normal because I would've gone to this No-Pants Party. They even had a costume contest. Its such a dream world. I'm going to remember this for next year, you bet your bottom dollar...or pants!

Also, did we know today also happens to be International Tuba Day?! Seriously. Two things collided into making the most awesome and celebrated first Friday of the month ever. As stated on the website, International Tuba Day was created to, "recognize tubists in musical organizations around the world who have to go through the hassle of handling a tuba".

Another quote from the website that I appreciate?... "
Think for a minute: What does the tuba mean to you? Unfortunately, many non-tuba players think of the tuba as just being one of those big, loud instruments that go "oompah" in the back of parades - having no real importance and being easy to play - they're just there to look nice. As for tuba players, many people view them in the old stereotyped way: they have no real musical talent, no personality, just big, fat bodies with puffy cheeks and powerful lungs."

So if you see a tubist today, give him a hug. And if he's not wearing pants, give him two.
(they could use more hugs)

(actually, as researched by searching "tubists'' and having all pictures be similar to these, i'm not sure tubists actually ever wear pants. And i'm not positive the term tubist is correct, either)

Also, and this is a big also, today was made EXTRA SPECIAL because today my little brother Donald was able to find out where he'll be serving his tw0-year mission for our church...HONG KONG CHINA!!! Legit. Props to the Donald. So excited. They'll be lucky to have you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Earth Day

I love the Earth.

I love celebrating it.

To me, Earth Day is the Earth's birthday. And if we get a birthday party every year, why shouldn't the Earth? It is, after all, pretty awesome.

Last year I celebrated Earth Day in Korea. It involved making a dress out of plastic bags, wearing that dress into the city, having my friends not even recognize it was a dress made out of plastic for the first half hour, and then eating a giant bowl of ramen (which I eventually threw up back into the bowl from whence it came). It was a great Earth Day.

This Earth Day was also quite exciting.

There was an Earth Day party.

This time since I couldn't be in Korea, I brought Koreans to me:

There was dancing.

A rare appearance by cute baby Sophie and her cute parents.

Recycled wear. Really trendy this time of year.
(darren buys all of his clothing pre-owned so he's still legit)

And pictures where not every person was ready...but we celebrate this, too.

Some crazy things happened at the party, but what happens at Earth Day celebrations stays at Earth Day celebrations. Any videos taken this day shall be erased with no thought in the future.

Also, I know all of you are admiring my Earth Day attire. As well you should be. It is perhaps one of the greatest costumes ever to be created by my hands. It took an embarrassingly impressive amount of time to complete and was constructed by hula hoops, flower wire, fabric, and glue. And innovation.

You're welcome, Earth. And Happy Birthday!

Baby Bill

Presidents in Their Young Age

Why yes, I think Baby Bill Clinton is just as precious as old Bill Clinton.