Sunday, May 29, 2011


I'm over here in Colorado for the weekend, celebrating some Donald success. Which isn't that rare, but its a worthy occasion. His graduation ceremony was yesterday and it wasn't as painful as some previous experiences, but they did obsess over the fact that their senior class was really 'special' and should be honored for not trashing the school on their way out for the last time.

For our senior exit, we threw a buttload of bouncy balls down the stairs. It was dangerous, but kind of awesome. But we're not as classy as Donald's graduating class. I guess.

To honor this occasion, I give to you some more text messages from Donald.

"So the other day I was at a bbq. I'm making my burger and you know, putting on mustard. I finish with that then start putting on the ketchup on my burger. You know how normally the condiments only spill on you if you're putting it on? Well instead, the ketchup hits the mustard and hits it off the burger onto my shirt. So i was putting on ketchup and got mustard on my shirt. Crazy, eh?"

"So, I was at Dairy Queen the other day right. We'd been hanging outside, and I made two balloon animal swords, one of my talents. So I say to my friend, hey lets sword fight inside, cause Dairy Queen lets you do anything. So we walk in and my friend says "I challenge you to a duel" and as we head for each other this 6 year old kid says, real mature guys. Well, you feel pretty childish when a 6 year old says you're immature. My friend stops in his tracks due to shame and laughter. So then i gave these two kids the swords, one of them the kid who called us immature. The mom says thanks but probably thought I was a creep. Then we go up to the counter and the kids start sword fighting and me and my friend really wanted to go up to them and say, real mature guys. But we figured that was a bad move."

Oh it feels good to graduate!

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