Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Earth Day

I love the Earth.

I love celebrating it.

To me, Earth Day is the Earth's birthday. And if we get a birthday party every year, why shouldn't the Earth? It is, after all, pretty awesome.

Last year I celebrated Earth Day in Korea. It involved making a dress out of plastic bags, wearing that dress into the city, having my friends not even recognize it was a dress made out of plastic for the first half hour, and then eating a giant bowl of ramen (which I eventually threw up back into the bowl from whence it came). It was a great Earth Day.

This Earth Day was also quite exciting.

There was an Earth Day party.

This time since I couldn't be in Korea, I brought Koreans to me:

There was dancing.

A rare appearance by cute baby Sophie and her cute parents.

Recycled wear. Really trendy this time of year.
(darren buys all of his clothing pre-owned so he's still legit)

And pictures where not every person was ready...but we celebrate this, too.

Some crazy things happened at the party, but what happens at Earth Day celebrations stays at Earth Day celebrations. Any videos taken this day shall be erased with no thought in the future.

Also, I know all of you are admiring my Earth Day attire. As well you should be. It is perhaps one of the greatest costumes ever to be created by my hands. It took an embarrassingly impressive amount of time to complete and was constructed by hula hoops, flower wire, fabric, and glue. And innovation.

You're welcome, Earth. And Happy Birthday!


Katie said...

The official word for this party is "Awesome."

Natalie said...

Okay. It is really time to introduce myself as I am a bona fide blog stocker of Cindy. But before you get all creeped out, let me just point the finger at Ricky and Mindy. Because Ricky is my brother and he told me a while ago about you and how fun you were and how I should read your blog. And then I couldn't stop.

And this post is classic Cindy and why I need your blog in my life. It brings laughter as Nothing. Else. Can. Bravo on Earth Day Celebration and that rockin' costume.

And please know, when R & M come to visit us and go white water rafting, you are so totally invited.