Friday, May 6, 2011

First Friday in May

Today is a seriously special day. More than you even realize. And I'm being completely serious.

First off, did we know that today is No-Pants Day?!?! I'm disappointed in myself for not knowing about this sooner, and not being more involved. I just wish every day was no-pants day, but thats just me. Also, thanks to Jill, I'm sad I wasn't in Denver tonight more than normal because I would've gone to this No-Pants Party. They even had a costume contest. Its such a dream world. I'm going to remember this for next year, you bet your bottom dollar...or pants!

Also, did we know today also happens to be International Tuba Day?! Seriously. Two things collided into making the most awesome and celebrated first Friday of the month ever. As stated on the website, International Tuba Day was created to, "recognize tubists in musical organizations around the world who have to go through the hassle of handling a tuba".

Another quote from the website that I appreciate?... "
Think for a minute: What does the tuba mean to you? Unfortunately, many non-tuba players think of the tuba as just being one of those big, loud instruments that go "oompah" in the back of parades - having no real importance and being easy to play - they're just there to look nice. As for tuba players, many people view them in the old stereotyped way: they have no real musical talent, no personality, just big, fat bodies with puffy cheeks and powerful lungs."

So if you see a tubist today, give him a hug. And if he's not wearing pants, give him two.
(they could use more hugs)

(actually, as researched by searching "tubists'' and having all pictures be similar to these, i'm not sure tubists actually ever wear pants. And i'm not positive the term tubist is correct, either)

Also, and this is a big also, today was made EXTRA SPECIAL because today my little brother Donald was able to find out where he'll be serving his tw0-year mission for our church...HONG KONG CHINA!!! Legit. Props to the Donald. So excited. They'll be lucky to have you.


Natalie said...

LOL. I think a "tubist" is someone who is obsessed with wearing tube tops. I think they should be called "tubulars". And No Pants Friday is just scary to me, maybe because of where I live. I mean, you're just asking to get a very painful sliver or monstrous uncomfortable rash. Yipes!

Congrats to Donald! Wicked awesome.

Jill said...

Congrats to the Donald!
And I'm sorry I caused you sadness. But is it better to not be sad about missing something great simply because you just aren't aware of the greatness that is happening in this world? I would argue that your disappointment could be overcome by the joy you have in knowing this happened, even if you couldn't be there.