Monday, May 23, 2011

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

It's a sad day in the world, for Celebrity Apprentice is over.

But in John Rich's world, its a most excellent day! Because he won. And that is exactly what I wanted.

I am legit excited that he came out on top. And that Def Leppard showed up because in some of the commercials they made it seem like they wouldn't. And that Marlee Matlin lost. I mean, she seems nice. But I'm glad she lost.

Also, why did they put a microphone on Marlee? Can anyone answer that question? She kept

hitting it when she was signing (you know, when she got really enthused and loud) and it was distracting. Anyways, nice lady.

But no John Rich. He is the best.

In honor of the finale, I went to Jenn and Steve's, we ate Jenn's amazing meatloaf (get it? because Meatloaf aka Meat was on this season) and watched in style.

(The cooks/future voters of Donald Trump)

Me channeling my inner Lil Jon. Love him 'ppreciate him.

And my proudest baking moment ever. I love you Mr. Trump.


Erin said...

You should DEF be proud of that baking moment. That is glorious to behold. Also, thank you for having so many amazing blog things for me to catch up on. Vin Diesel/Mark Vincent? Who knew? I never would ahve thought he was a D&D guy, that's for sure. I liked our trip around the world too. I had a great time with you, girl.

Travel_Chic said...

Wow, I'm really impressed with that cake! You're a real artist Cindy! I feel like you really captured his "essence". ^.^

Natalie said...

We did not miss one episode. How could we?? Highlights: Marlee signing profanity, NeNe's long blinks and big eyes that speak volumes, Star legitimately scared of NeNe and deeply crushing on JR, Trump's shameless plugs, Meatloaf brainstorming from the bathroom ("And I'm in the John!"), Lil' John's loyalty, and Trump's Yes Men, a.k.a. Ivanka and Don Jr. (I guess if you can't find someone who agrees with you even when you're wrong, you just breed them, eh?
But all it all, it ended just as it should. Tears are flowing here now that the season's over.
BTW, loved your cake and Lil' John costume.