Wednesday, June 29, 2011

California Mix

Last weekend was a weekend well spent, even if 80% of the time was spent in the car.

First we hit up the SF area-loving all the beauty around us...

Alcatraz! We'll get there one day, Rachel. One day.

Ghirardelli Square, only to consume large amounts of chocolate and ice cream and goodness and practice some good faces...

The bridge, obvi.

And jump-kicking at the bridge.

We tried finding Uncle Jesse and Joey, but all we got were some French tourists.

And the main event, of course, was Mr. and Mrs. D. Let me include a sappy note of just saying that they were the most beautiful little couple ever and oozed pure happiness. Sick. But not.

What's a weekend in CA without a little pampering? Thanks for the pedi's, Sacramento! Brandon and Irene especially loved it. It also got us ready for our viewing of Super 8, which to my delight, was wayyyyy mo' betta than I was anticipating. I actually really liked it.

So happy they were there to party.

I hurt two people. Sorry guys.

And some old friends mixed with some new friends in Palo Alto! Mike is the best. Seriously. There's no doubting it. He just is.

This is what I looked like when we got stuck in downtown SF during the gay pride parade. So many trannies. So.many.
Til next time, California!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kevin James is on Letterman

But don't worry-Justin Bieber just did the top 10 and it was pretty entertaining. That boy is just darling. Seriously. How is that kid so precious and oh so rich? Sometimes I wish Usher would find me and make me famous and be my mentor. If only.

Monday I went to the doctor after work because my ear was hurting. Turns out I have a nasty little ear infection, which is awesome. The doc says that 1 in 20 ear infections are in adults. So I'm pretty lucky. Really lucky. I've been on my antibiotic for two days now and its hurting more right now than it has before. So that's also pretty awesome.

I have no desire to see that movie Super 8, but its supposed to be getting good reviews. It doesn't make sense to me. I did, however, see the movie Midnight in Paris and it was fantastic. I know I'm immediately biased with any movie about Paris, but this one has beautiful shots of the city, witty dialogue, and was just interesting. So I loved it.

Oh look! I went to Jackson Hole with some friends recently. It was real fun.

Old Faithful was less fun because of the rain that was pummeling down on us...but it was still cool. For a geyser.

Also I bought some pop rocks just for no reason and those things are way more intense than I remember. But they're still sugar. So they're still good. Booyah.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


A real text message I got from my friend Chaser (the ultimate girl magnet):

"It's unbelievable how creepy u r from so far away, yet I like it."

I'm flattered. I really am.

A real text message I got from my friend Kim (i just love/miss her real bad):

"OMG I'm such a weirdo. I just crunched my fingers up and said chocolate in a super creepy gollum from lord of the rings character way"

We had just been having a real conversation about how much we wanted to eat candy bars and then we listed which ones we would eat at that exact moment. She likes the dark chocolate milky ways. Yucky.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to be a texting friend, I'm here.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the world

does anyone want to go make this drive with me? its like a dream...and i want it to be real!
(even though this kind of seems like one giant jeep ad-i still want it)

i love this world.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Andre the Giant??

So I was home in Colorado for the weekend. Hanging out. Chillin. Fam time.

Monday night we went out to a few stores to kill some time, and mostly because my favorite local thrift store was 50% off! Bam! Lets not talk about how everything was discounted, except for the pink tagged items. And that every item I picked up had a pink tag. Which was disappointing because I really wanted that outdated globe for $7.50, not the $15 they were asking. No gracias. I left with a single Cher record.

Anyways, we stopped by Target after that because it was right across the street and you know what? Why wouldn't we stop at Target?

Our first stop at the store was the music/dvd section. A Ford to that section is like a
moth to a flame. I, naturally, was using one of their electronic carts. Because I can. So I started down an aisle when a man approached me and asked if I could use some help finding something. I declined, stating that I was simply perusing, and he laughed at me. And my word choice. "Man, I haven't heard that word yet!"
(i later found out he had only started working there a week before. i'll accept the excuse).

This awesome exchange encouraged a long conversation between the two of us. His name was Andre. Andre and I talked about how working for Target sucks (oh look I have a picture!) and I told him to punch the HR guy Grant for me, if he ran into him.

(i'm sorry for ever dying my hair black. and that my first post-grad job was at Target)

Andre left my side and came back at least three times, each time with a new thing going on. One time he brought back a magazine with a super muscular man on the cover and said "This is what I look like with my shirt off". I told him to prove it...he couldn't 'because he was working'. Lame.

Then we were chatting and he decided that we were close enough to share a story about how one time he was flexing in the mirror and HE PASSED OUT. He needed to hold his breath when he flexed his hot body and this resulted in him blacking out and hitting his head on the mirror. When he woke up he didn't realize what happened right away...his girlfriend called him and he started talking to her and thats when he realized the mirror had broke. From his forehead. It was bleeding.

Haha oh Andre.

Oh and I kept saying "oh Andre the Giant?!" and he said "No, like Andre Black". So I said "Andre the Black?" (because he was black...) but then he pulled out his ID and his last name really was Black. So then I just felt stupid.

The end.

Dedicated to the Ones I Love

Here's the deal.

I made a video of my feet.

You don't really have to watch it. I just wanted to remember how far I've come.

ABBA really speaks for me.