Wednesday, June 29, 2011

California Mix

Last weekend was a weekend well spent, even if 80% of the time was spent in the car.

First we hit up the SF area-loving all the beauty around us...

Alcatraz! We'll get there one day, Rachel. One day.

Ghirardelli Square, only to consume large amounts of chocolate and ice cream and goodness and practice some good faces...

The bridge, obvi.

And jump-kicking at the bridge.

We tried finding Uncle Jesse and Joey, but all we got were some French tourists.

And the main event, of course, was Mr. and Mrs. D. Let me include a sappy note of just saying that they were the most beautiful little couple ever and oozed pure happiness. Sick. But not.

What's a weekend in CA without a little pampering? Thanks for the pedi's, Sacramento! Brandon and Irene especially loved it. It also got us ready for our viewing of Super 8, which to my delight, was wayyyyy mo' betta than I was anticipating. I actually really liked it.

So happy they were there to party.

I hurt two people. Sorry guys.

And some old friends mixed with some new friends in Palo Alto! Mike is the best. Seriously. There's no doubting it. He just is.

This is what I looked like when we got stuck in downtown SF during the gay pride parade. So many trannies. So.many.
Til next time, California!


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