Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kevin James is on Letterman

But don't worry-Justin Bieber just did the top 10 and it was pretty entertaining. That boy is just darling. Seriously. How is that kid so precious and oh so rich? Sometimes I wish Usher would find me and make me famous and be my mentor. If only.

Monday I went to the doctor after work because my ear was hurting. Turns out I have a nasty little ear infection, which is awesome. The doc says that 1 in 20 ear infections are in adults. So I'm pretty lucky. Really lucky. I've been on my antibiotic for two days now and its hurting more right now than it has before. So that's also pretty awesome.

I have no desire to see that movie Super 8, but its supposed to be getting good reviews. It doesn't make sense to me. I did, however, see the movie Midnight in Paris and it was fantastic. I know I'm immediately biased with any movie about Paris, but this one has beautiful shots of the city, witty dialogue, and was just interesting. So I loved it.

Oh look! I went to Jackson Hole with some friends recently. It was real fun.

Old Faithful was less fun because of the rain that was pummeling down on us...but it was still cool. For a geyser.

Also I bought some pop rocks just for no reason and those things are way more intense than I remember. But they're still sugar. So they're still good. Booyah.


Erin said...

Pop Rocks are awesome. And I liked Super 8 a lot. The boys in it are adorable. Not as adorable as Bieber doing the top 10 though.


Sarah Moeck said...

One of my best friends lives in Jackson Hole- I used to go up there all the time! Its so pretty- I miss the tetons.