Wednesday, July 6, 2011

District Attorney

When someone awesome gets married, usually only the most awesome friends come to the wedding. So when two awesome people get married to each other, its only natural for the best people to congregate together. Its not normal for this kind of cool to be in one place. But it is memorable.

This wedding kept us entertained and busy, but it also let us make new friends. Thanks, Jeff.

Some of us make better pretentious people than others. And some of us wear two pairs of glasses at once.

We are also the Dickamore's number one fans. If only we reaped the benefits of being their groupies.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, I'm glad Jeff and Aurora got married so that we could be friends with Kasi. Because already this friendship has allowed me to become familiar with the Mandarin (delicious)...

...and it also let us bask in the beauty that is Matt in Confederate costume. And believe me when I say that nobody looks better than Matt in that ol' gray coat...and those pants.


Katie said...

I'd recognize that temple space anywhere! :) Much jealous of your cool friends party with the Dickamores

Kasi French said...

I want to come and visit you ... right now. This post was just the beginning!