Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Even though I napped, I still loved Bear Lake

The weekend at Bear Lake was most excellent. It was sunny and perfect. And we ate lots of good food and played at the lake and got sunburned and took naps (well, some of us) and listened to really scary stories and celebrated Pioneer Day and killed giant striped bugs and watched movies (that some of us slept through) and played cards and just loved each other. Because thats what we do.

See, sunny! :

And us, loving each other:

Here we are standing in a street:

We all look really good with sick closed mouth smiles:
(Darren is our single, lonely uncle)

And I would like everyone to please focus in on BDF in the upper left corner. If that face doesn't express pure joy, I don't know what does:

We had a make-shift Pioneer Day program that consisted of poems and talents and pioneer games, but that deserves its own little blog post. Because pure skill resides within us all in the poetry department.

You're welcome.


Janna said...

hahahah BDF's face get's me everytime!! Oh geez. And the group sick closed mouth smile pic is one of my new favorites.

Jill said...

I may have to print and frame that one.