Friday, July 15, 2011

High on Potter

(don't worry. no spoilers included here...not like you don't already know what happens)

So I just got back from the new/last one ever Harry Potter.

I'm guessing this is what JK Rowling has been doing all day
(while thousands of people are waiting in line on dirty movie theatre floors, wearing ridiculous clothing, and preparing to shed tears):

I was telling my friends on the drive home tonight that if I were JK I'd never work again. I'd end up staying at home, swimming in my money, and making boats out of tin foil to race in the rain gutter. Because I could.

Also, I have some serious issues with Harry and his friends. He has good friends; great friends even! I mean, they risk their lives time after time, they support him...but if they really loved him they would help a brother out.

These glasses are unacceptable.

A real friend would take Harry aside, maybe during pillow talk, and say "Hey, Harry. You're a fine looking guy, but you wanna know what would help you out? New glasses. These round frames just aren't helping anything. I know they're what your dad sported, but that was 20 years ago! Time to move on. You can do better than this"

These are just a couple ideas:

So much better! You'll thank me later.

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