Friday, July 29, 2011

Pioneer Day 2011

Utah is a great state for several reasons.

One of the best reasons, though, is Pioneer Day.

It is another paid day off of work, it is celebrated with fireworks (who doesn't love those?), sometimes my hair gets caught on fire on Pioneer Day (in case you are not familiar with this story, one time a certain individual started lighting a match right next to me as i was pouring lighter fluid onto the fire and my body/head/hair caught on fire. but i survived...oh look, a picture!),

and this year, we really made magic happen.

We were in Bear Lake for the weekend, and the porch was lit up in celebration of the hand cart pushers/pullers and pioneer children who walked and walked and walked!

For some weird reason, someone suggested we write poems about the pioneers and then have a talent show. To honor those who crossed the plains. And what a great idea it turned out to be. Everyone participated and I think I speak for all of us when I say we were all impressed/jealous of some of the other talent. I mean, some of these people. They have gifts.

Katie was especially dedicated to her poem, and her hard work paid off. A natural poet, this one!

Other fine performers (all of whom did excellent jobs-and can't you just see pure joy on their faces?! We love the Pioneers!)

This is the only good picture I got of someone's talent. And when I say good, I mean my zoom button got stuck but luckily it was zoomed in on the right place! Or, wrong place?

My poem was about a fictional boy named Tommy Jones who crossed the plains. But by poem I mean rap. And to add to how ridiculous I am, here is a video I just made of me reciting it for all of you to hear.

Also, I'm sorry I shake my head so much. I can't control it.

And if you actually watch this, you're welcome.

And if you know of an actual Pioneer with the name Tommy Jones, it is purely coincidental.

And this is what happens when I stay home on a Friday night.

(and this is also why i should wash my hair more...)

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