Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"You're friend is still drunk...

...She's actually the sober one"

A real comment from the lady at the liquor store this past weekend. And my friends making sure to clarify. It's impressive, really.

I had a great week, guys. I went up to Seattle to see some friends I made in Korea. Good people. They really are. And its just nice to spend some time with those people who helped shape such a big part of my Korean experience and therefore my life. We could talk about it and not feel bad for being boring to those around us, we could reminisce, we could make whole new memories. And all those things we did!

First up: San Juan Islands

We didn't really plan anything, but we eventually made it up to the San Juans! They are beautiful. Go there. Seriously. You won't regret it.

We played with Chris at his cabin/island. And caught a crab. And cooked it. And ate it. We wanted to hunt a deer, but we were less successful at that.

And we partied. And my friend might have fallen/jumped out of a second story window. Nobody really knows what happened, but we do know she got some pretty decent battle wounds from whatever she did.

And it was good.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I, Cindy, hold these truths to be self evident.

I haven't watched Law and Order for like ten days straight. I know, tis very surprising for all of us. But I have been keeping up with the new season of Project Runway. You wanna know who my favorite is?

This guy. Josh M. Because he is hysterical. And look at him. His eyebrows are amazing. Ok so maybe I love his eyebrows more than him...but I do love him too. I don't know if he'll go very far, but he'll always have a place in my heart/fashion/eyebrow envy.

Also, did you know I'm psychic? Because I am. Donald just reminded me about how one year and a half ago he went to a school dance and that he blogged about it. And in that blog he stated he would never go to a school dance again.

But then on that blog, I commented this:

If you can't read it, it says "yeah-last school dance until you decide to go to prom and get voted royalty or something. i guess we'll see"


So if you want to know your future, just leave a comment!

Also, I know I suck at responding to comments but I promise if you write on this post I will. Believe it.

AND lastly, on Sunday I was sitting in church, just minding my own business, when a woman walked in with her kids. Three of them. The two boys looked to be about the same age-like 2 or 3 and then the woman was also holding a baby girl. Maybe six months.

She walked in late, and her boys were a little fussy. So then she told them to go to their grandparents, who were sitting in the row behind me. One boy went to them, but the other boy stayed with the mom. The mom then sat down in the seat right next to me.

Immediately, I'm talking .2 seconds after sitting down, she asks me if I would mind holding her baby girl as she puts her in my lap. So there I am, holding a strangers baby.

I was fine with it at first. I mean, her boy was being loud so I thought I'd do a solid and hold the girl until the mom got the boy settled down. And soon, she did settle him down. And he was not making any noise.

I thought she'd take her baby back, but she did not.

Then her son went back to the grandparents too.

Lets do the math:
2 boys=grandparents
1 girl=my lap
0 children=the actual mom

I thought, ok, she'll take her kid back in a second. She just needs a minute of non-baby holding time. I can understand that.

But no. My friends, she did not take her baby back for another 20 or so minutes. Even as the child began to fuss, she simply grabbed a toy and gave it to her kid. While I was holding her. I was waiting so patiently for her to remove her child from my care, but it simply did not happen until the mom was completely ready...and about ten minutes before the meeting ended.

I do not understand this.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Demolition Derby

You guys, I'm sorry I've been complaining so much.

You want to know what I won't complain about?

This guy:

You're welcome, Logan. Doesn't he look so good in that mustache? HOT. And so mature.

It was my first derby and I must say, it was most excellent. The cars-they just drive into each other! And crash! And then keep driving! (i'm using as many exclamation points as i can for logan...its his birthday present. ya welcome).

Matt and Ruben came too. I can respect that.

Don't worry, I made sure to eat a slushee, a soft pretzel, some dr. pepper, and two paper plates worth of french fries. Expensive and delicious!

I hope Logan has another birthday soon, so we do this again.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Will Now Rant About:

When I first moved to Provo, a few years ago, I struggled with loving it.

I went through a big phase of hating it.

But then, I loved it. I never thought I could love it, but I did. I grew to love the lines that form at the grocery store at 11:45 pm on Saturday nights because people didn't want to shop on Sunday. I decided I could love eavesdropping on people's conversations and hearing about their missionary or ward drama. I love the mountains (although i still claim colorado's to be mo' betta). Lots of things to love here people.

But there are some things that I don't love. And now I will rant about them.

BYU/Provo housing. The transition between summer term and fall semester leaves hundreds of students homeless. It is just stupid. But worse than that is my landlord. She is ridiculous. This morning, a Saturday, I go in to take a shower around 9:30ish. Keep in mind, I currently am without roommates. So I'm in the shower and then I hear a knock at the door. My bathroom door.


A woman then says that she's there to do some cleaning. So just an fyi, she's in my house.

Then I spent the rest of my time in the shower talking/singing about how I hate my landlord/everyone. Because really? No warning?

Also, I hate the restaurant La Dolce Vita. It is "Italian". But really it is probably the worst restaurant in all of the world. Seriously, I've never been to a worse restaurant in the entire world. It is quite a feat. I don't know how anyone can really like it, or go to it, or encourage others to go to it. So here and now I say that you should never go there. If you find yourself in Provo, Utah, please go somewhere else-anywhere else. There's a Taco Bell not far-that would be better. I seriously want to destroy this restaurant.

Lastly, I just stopped by the new thrift store "Junk in my Trunk". Mostly I wanted to go there because a. I love thrift stores and b. that's a clever name!

I walked in and it smelled like a gas station bathroom (after a hoard of truckers had used it and their last meal was Beto's). Seriously. Butt smell.

Never go there either.

Happy weekend!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Y not?

Today at work I was standing outside when a spider found its way on my shoulder. A daddy long-leg to be precise. Then it quickly made its way down my shirt.

I had to grab the spider out from my shirt.

It was icky.

But that didn't scare me from nature!

So tonight I hiked the Y.

Yeah, I don't know why either.

But it happened.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If I Compulsively Updated My Facebook Status

These would be recent additions:

-You know those days when you decide to clean your whole house, and then when you're done you look in the mirror and see how sweaty and gross you've become? That's what I look like every day

-I'm really glad those riots started all over England...the exact day I committed to living there. Great! Fantastic!

-Today I sliced open the same thumb twice. It was sad. Lots of band-aids.

-My landlady keeps bringing people to see my apartment and I'm really worried they're going to walk in on me when I'm not wearing pants. Because I do it a lot. And she doesn't knock.

-When I'm not paint-by-numbering, I'm thinking about it.

-Just because I can paint by number, doesn't mean I can paint. I learned this the hard way tonight.

Monday, August 8, 2011

One Time I Worked At: A Series

Recently I've been thinking about all the different jobs I've been able to have up to this point in my life. Maybe its because I really hate my current job and would rather go do any of these jobs again instead. But whatever the reason, you deserve to know. I actually worked these jobs. These are my stories. dun dun!

A lot of my random jobs came during the summer months home from college. I went home every summer during college, but strangely ended up living in Provo the two summers following graduation. It was weird.

Anyways, for summer jobs you just really had to network. Luckily people had my back and I got to work some solid jobs.

One summer I got a position working at an insurance company at their front desk. It was an interesting situation in that the agent in the office got in a horseback riding accident and became paralyzed, leaving her in a rehab center for a couple months after her surgery. Her son, who normally didn't work in the office but I'm pretty sure was also a licensed agent, decided to take care of her clients and workload while she recovered. To help ease this transition for him, he wanted to hire on a secretary of sorts. Enter: me.

A lady in my ward knew the agent and sent me to interview. It was one of those interviews that was just for kicks, because I was automatically hired for the 12 hours a week (i know, it kept me pretty busy...) Now, let me just say right now that I had/have no real interest or knowledge of any part of the insurance business. My job was to answer the phones, give quotes to people (i hated this the most, because, well, i was probably wrong most of the time) and other odds and ends the boss man Eric would have me do. At least I think his name was Eric. I don't really remember.

One of the more awkward moments was one day when Eric came into the office and was obviously hung over. Or maybe just really, really tired. He wanted to go visit his mom in the hospital so naturally he made me drive him there. In his car. Maybe worse was that I was mildly attracted to him, and he had really nice cologne. This is all I remember of him. I wish I had more memories...like his real name because I'm pretty sure now that that's not right.

Anyways, sometimes Eric made me go out on the town to take pictures of clients properties for their files. When he was explaining it to me I remember being very confused.

Eric: Ok, Cindy, I need you to go take pictures of these people's houses. I need you to do a close up of their roof so I can see the shingles, a picture of the front of their house, and then a pic of their electrical box.

Cindy: Their electrical box? Isn't that usually at the back of the house?

Eric: Yes

Cindy: So what if they're not home? Do I just go back later?

Eric: No, if you can get through their fence, just go back. Watch out for dogs.

And watch out for dogs I did. I probably broke into dozens of backyards. I was chased by a few dogs. I remember one house in particular was in downtown Denver, in kind of a shady part of town. I drove past it at least three times trying to decide if I should even try to approach this one. There were two very large men sitting in the front yard, and I was a little scared. But then I just got out of my car and in my most professional voice I asked them if I could take a picture of their roof. And electrical box. Because why else would I be there?

They kind of joked around, like men do, pretending to be funny but really I just tried not to run away. They let me into their backyard but they stayed in the front. It was when I rounded the corner I saw their giant dog. It looked mean. I stayed close to the house. The dog ran towards me...and just at the moment it would've been in arms length, it was pulled back by its chain. Just like the movies my friends.

I didn't move. I got the best picture I possibly could, and then I ducked out as quick as possible.

And that's why I'm not cut out for the insurance business.

Friday, August 5, 2011

This is my life: Friday Edition

Today had the potential to be an amazing. I was taking a half day at work to get some things done in Salt Lake. I was going to finish up my chores there and then do something awesome- go to a movie at the Broadway, or hang out at REI, or just do something fun. You know, to celebrate Friday.

So I get home from work. And I double check my appointment. I needed to have my fingerprints taken for my visa for England. (oh, remember how i'm moving to England for grad school soon?) And then I realize I need to print off a page of confirmation in order to go to my appointment. I'm worried about running late, but I head over to BYU to use a printer real quick and get on my way. I show up a few minutes late, but I get it done. In and out in less than five minutes.

And since I'm in the neighborhood, I stop by and say hi to one of my friends who worked close by. We chat for a few minutes. Then I decide I'm going to forgo doing something awesome and instead go home and take a nap. It's what I do.

I start my drive back to Provo.

Then, something unusual happens.

Billowing out from under my hood, white smoke appears to be heading towards the sky.

I think, hey, its pretty hot out, but this hot?

My car starts shaking a little bit. And not a normal car shake, but like a sick cough. Its like Bruce was telling me something was up.

I drove about five miles, to Sandy, and decided to exit. At the stop light my car died. But then it was reborn and I made it to a gas station.

I popped the hood and pretended to know what I was doing. Then I called my genius brother David who actually does know what he's doing. After some searching, I found some antifreeze and poured it in my car. No big deal, right? Just out of antifreeze. Easy fix.

Wrong. Very, very wrong.

A few more miles down, and the temperature gauge was already at its highest and my check engine light shined. I pull off at Draper. My car completely dies as I pull into a parking spot at Ikea.

I am sad.

I call David again. I call/text lots of people. I see how much it would cost to tow my car. I wait. I figured maybe I just didn't give it enough cool down time. So I kept waiting. And then I decided to drive again, but it didn't even start up normal. It sounded so sad. I pulled into a McDonalds down the street and used their internet to see if there was a (get in the zone) Autozone around. And wait. Then I go outside again, and after explaining the situation to David, I realize the antifreeze I put in my car was leaking out onto the ground. Unfortunate.

Anyways...then more sad stuff happens. Just realize this resulted in me stopping to refill on antifreeze multiple times, my car dying several times, a few tears of frustration, and hatred for everything and everyone.

It only took me THREE AND A HALF HOURS to drive home. Instead of, you know, 45 minutes.

I didn't even get a nap.

Afterwards I tried making myself feel better by saying I'm glad it happened on my way home, and not there, because I didn't want to have to schedule another appointment. And that I actually got home, so that was good. But I still had/have bitterness in my bones.

But then I went to the Joshua James concert. And that was good.