Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If I Compulsively Updated My Facebook Status

These would be recent additions:

-You know those days when you decide to clean your whole house, and then when you're done you look in the mirror and see how sweaty and gross you've become? That's what I look like every day

-I'm really glad those riots started all over England...the exact day I committed to living there. Great! Fantastic!

-Today I sliced open the same thumb twice. It was sad. Lots of band-aids.

-My landlady keeps bringing people to see my apartment and I'm really worried they're going to walk in on me when I'm not wearing pants. Because I do it a lot. And she doesn't knock.

-When I'm not paint-by-numbering, I'm thinking about it.

-Just because I can paint by number, doesn't mean I can paint. I learned this the hard way tonight.

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