Friday, August 5, 2011

This is my life: Friday Edition

Today had the potential to be an amazing. I was taking a half day at work to get some things done in Salt Lake. I was going to finish up my chores there and then do something awesome- go to a movie at the Broadway, or hang out at REI, or just do something fun. You know, to celebrate Friday.

So I get home from work. And I double check my appointment. I needed to have my fingerprints taken for my visa for England. (oh, remember how i'm moving to England for grad school soon?) And then I realize I need to print off a page of confirmation in order to go to my appointment. I'm worried about running late, but I head over to BYU to use a printer real quick and get on my way. I show up a few minutes late, but I get it done. In and out in less than five minutes.

And since I'm in the neighborhood, I stop by and say hi to one of my friends who worked close by. We chat for a few minutes. Then I decide I'm going to forgo doing something awesome and instead go home and take a nap. It's what I do.

I start my drive back to Provo.

Then, something unusual happens.

Billowing out from under my hood, white smoke appears to be heading towards the sky.

I think, hey, its pretty hot out, but this hot?

My car starts shaking a little bit. And not a normal car shake, but like a sick cough. Its like Bruce was telling me something was up.

I drove about five miles, to Sandy, and decided to exit. At the stop light my car died. But then it was reborn and I made it to a gas station.

I popped the hood and pretended to know what I was doing. Then I called my genius brother David who actually does know what he's doing. After some searching, I found some antifreeze and poured it in my car. No big deal, right? Just out of antifreeze. Easy fix.

Wrong. Very, very wrong.

A few more miles down, and the temperature gauge was already at its highest and my check engine light shined. I pull off at Draper. My car completely dies as I pull into a parking spot at Ikea.

I am sad.

I call David again. I call/text lots of people. I see how much it would cost to tow my car. I wait. I figured maybe I just didn't give it enough cool down time. So I kept waiting. And then I decided to drive again, but it didn't even start up normal. It sounded so sad. I pulled into a McDonalds down the street and used their internet to see if there was a (get in the zone) Autozone around. And wait. Then I go outside again, and after explaining the situation to David, I realize the antifreeze I put in my car was leaking out onto the ground. Unfortunate.

Anyways...then more sad stuff happens. Just realize this resulted in me stopping to refill on antifreeze multiple times, my car dying several times, a few tears of frustration, and hatred for everything and everyone.

It only took me THREE AND A HALF HOURS to drive home. Instead of, you know, 45 minutes.

I didn't even get a nap.

Afterwards I tried making myself feel better by saying I'm glad it happened on my way home, and not there, because I didn't want to have to schedule another appointment. And that I actually got home, so that was good. But I still had/have bitterness in my bones.

But then I went to the Joshua James concert. And that was good.

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Natalie said...

Next time your car is ruining your life, call me, and I'll loan you three toddlers and an infant to drive in the back seat. Then you'll be glad to see the Ikea sign, and three-and-a-half hours won't seem so long.

Seriously, though, I'm so sad about this. No fair! So, so not fair.

And please keep blogging when you get to London. And Rick and Mind might be coming up soon, and the invite for you still stands.