Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I, Cindy, hold these truths to be self evident.

I haven't watched Law and Order for like ten days straight. I know, tis very surprising for all of us. But I have been keeping up with the new season of Project Runway. You wanna know who my favorite is?

This guy. Josh M. Because he is hysterical. And look at him. His eyebrows are amazing. Ok so maybe I love his eyebrows more than him...but I do love him too. I don't know if he'll go very far, but he'll always have a place in my heart/fashion/eyebrow envy.

Also, did you know I'm psychic? Because I am. Donald just reminded me about how one year and a half ago he went to a school dance and that he blogged about it. And in that blog he stated he would never go to a school dance again.

But then on that blog, I commented this:

If you can't read it, it says "yeah-last school dance until you decide to go to prom and get voted royalty or something. i guess we'll see"


So if you want to know your future, just leave a comment!

Also, I know I suck at responding to comments but I promise if you write on this post I will. Believe it.

AND lastly, on Sunday I was sitting in church, just minding my own business, when a woman walked in with her kids. Three of them. The two boys looked to be about the same age-like 2 or 3 and then the woman was also holding a baby girl. Maybe six months.

She walked in late, and her boys were a little fussy. So then she told them to go to their grandparents, who were sitting in the row behind me. One boy went to them, but the other boy stayed with the mom. The mom then sat down in the seat right next to me.

Immediately, I'm talking .2 seconds after sitting down, she asks me if I would mind holding her baby girl as she puts her in my lap. So there I am, holding a strangers baby.

I was fine with it at first. I mean, her boy was being loud so I thought I'd do a solid and hold the girl until the mom got the boy settled down. And soon, she did settle him down. And he was not making any noise.

I thought she'd take her baby back, but she did not.

Then her son went back to the grandparents too.

Lets do the math:
2 boys=grandparents
1 girl=my lap
0 children=the actual mom

I thought, ok, she'll take her kid back in a second. She just needs a minute of non-baby holding time. I can understand that.

But no. My friends, she did not take her baby back for another 20 or so minutes. Even as the child began to fuss, she simply grabbed a toy and gave it to her kid. While I was holding her. I was waiting so patiently for her to remove her child from my care, but it simply did not happen until the mom was completely ready...and about ten minutes before the meeting ended.

I do not understand this.


blakecgriffin said...

I do not believe you will respond to this comment.

Tell me my future.

Sarah Moeck said...

yeah... modern parents are a @#$%^. Our kids are going to feel like they are being raised in the 50's. Except for the not being heard part... that will only happen at church and in movie theatres.

Janna said...

I want to partake of you psychic skills. Go.

Jill said...

I'm not sure I want to know my future. I mean, I totally do, but I'm afraid of what you are going to tell me.

Cindy said...

@blake...i'm responding! because i keep (some) promises.
your future includes becoming a well-known film critic, and you will often attend film festivals. One year at Cannes, you will invite me to join you for the premieres, and we will sit down with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for nice cup of joe. After a few minutes of the kids, though, you get up and storm out. becuase, well, you love kids. and you want to adopt your very own.

Cindy said...

@sarah. i can't wait to see your kids. logan will become an actual wolverine and your second child will be born a strange blue color. but they will be beautiful. don't worry though, adam will become a famous doctor, and you will shed the world of fatties with your zumba videos!

Cindy said...

@janna your future is too fuzzy for me to see. i think its your lack of commitment.

@jill after deciding a future in law isn't exactly what you wanted, you will venture into the line of interior design/poetry. your haikus will become a big trend on wall hangings and ikea will start selling your treasures. and you will single handedly bring back side ponytails and closed mouth smiles.

roxanne said...

another classic episode for our reality tv show [insert catchy title here].

p.s. i would like my fortune read, or blogged. p.p.s. don't make fun of my lame blog

stewedslacker said...

My fortune, if you're still doing them for free ;). Also, maybe you should have just set the baby on the bench and left. That's what I'd have done.