Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"You're friend is still drunk...

...She's actually the sober one"

A real comment from the lady at the liquor store this past weekend. And my friends making sure to clarify. It's impressive, really.

I had a great week, guys. I went up to Seattle to see some friends I made in Korea. Good people. They really are. And its just nice to spend some time with those people who helped shape such a big part of my Korean experience and therefore my life. We could talk about it and not feel bad for being boring to those around us, we could reminisce, we could make whole new memories. And all those things we did!

First up: San Juan Islands

We didn't really plan anything, but we eventually made it up to the San Juans! They are beautiful. Go there. Seriously. You won't regret it.

We played with Chris at his cabin/island. And caught a crab. And cooked it. And ate it. We wanted to hunt a deer, but we were less successful at that.

And we partied. And my friend might have fallen/jumped out of a second story window. Nobody really knows what happened, but we do know she got some pretty decent battle wounds from whatever she did.

And it was good.

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