Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Current Thoughts

So I said something to Tom Arnold on TWITTER and I've been waiting all night for a response, but he has yet to give one. And I know he's been on twitter because he said some other stuff. So now it is my sole purpose in life to get him to notice me.

(ps this is the same tactic i use to get boys. it usually doesn't work, but you gotta think it will work ONE TIME! so i keep it up)


The first day of not having my paint by number has been really rough. I woke up and just kinda stared at it. You can too, if you want. Just scroll down to that last post. And admire. Its what I do.

(strangely enough, that is also another thing i do to get boys to notice me. don't be surprised if you wake up one day and see me admiring you)


I had some Thai food for lunch today. Usually I love Pad Thai, but this place was simply average. It was somewhat disappointing, but the company made up for it. It was when I was in downtown Denver today that it finally hit me that I am moving to another country in a week. I was waiting for the light rail to bring me back towards my home, and then BAM!
These were my thoughts:

-What if I forgot how to read textbooks?
-What if I freeze to death in the frigid temperatures of England?
-Will the people there appreciate my English accent?

Among other things.

But luckily I am an expert at shoving my feelings/thoughts into a corner of my mind and replacing them with thoughts of The Backstreet Boys and how the Hunger Games movies could find a fitting BSB song for every scene of the upcoming movie.


I love you.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Paint By Number Genius

The masterpiece is done.

(many thanks to logan, janna, and the inspiring nature of my work)

Big Weekend

It's been a good weekend here in the world of Cindy.

I hung out with friends-I have friends! They are cool. On Friday we ventured out to the Mile High Market wherein we were slightly disappointed by the flea market, but then we got to the furniture section of the market and I automatically wanted to buy lots of things I didn't need. It was then followed by a psychoanalysis that I'm craving furniture because I'm also craving some roots in my life. Always picking up and going-thats what I do.

Anyways. That wasn't important. What's important here is that after that we went to Casa Bonita! If you don't know Casa Bonita, you should. And if you ever come to Denver, you should go there. Because it is awesome. It is a Mexican Restaurant unlike any other restaurant.

Inside it has cliff divers, Black Bart's Cave, an all you can eat dinner menu (so a lot of average food!) and its just like you're eating in the middle of a Mexican villa. And I just read on Wikipedia that it used to be a chain of restaurants, but the one in Denver is the only one left. Don't let it follow in the steps of its brothers and close. Go there.

I also went to my little brothers band competition. It was a first in my life. But it was pretty entertaining and they had really good soft pretzels.

Two other life changing things happened this weekend:

I won a game of Hearts! I won't post the other screen shot because it says how many games I've won and how many I've lost. And thats just really embarrassing. But just know-I won.

ALSO! This is maybe the most life changing:

Do you see that? One of the people who shaped my childhood (and who is featured in the classic and hilarious movie The Stupids) IS FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER. WE CAN COMMUNICATE. I am so excited. Sure he made a mistake by dating Rosanne, but nobody is perfect.

What should I say to him? I need your help.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stover S's

These are my girls.

I miss them a lot.

This past year I worked a not so glamorous job. I left Korea a couple weeks early to get this job, and I often wondered why I did this. I mean, there were some perks. I'd be working with my BFF Darren (its been a long time since I did a Dare shout out, but believe you me, he's still #1), but it left much for want being there.

I did, however, come to realize why it was MTB (meant to be).

It was so I could meet these girls.

I spent more time with them over the summer then I did with anyone else. We spent long hours at work, and sometimes we actually worked. But most of the time (after we finished the important things) we had a good time. We balanced out our days with the crossword (building those brain cells) and sharing stories about our lives. It was a perfect little support group! Through new relationships, breakups, bunion surgeries, potential hookups, and frustrations about life, we worked through it all. It was these at these times I was really grateful for coming back to this job. They are awesome (mostly good...but sometimes a little awquard)

And I seriously really miss them. I miss hearing about their days. And I miss forcing my stories upon them. They are some of the best people I've ever known.

So to you, my Stover S's (Roxanne might read this), know that you are da best! And mo' betta than the rest.

Also, while I was joking about how I hoped my replacement would suck, I didn't actually mean it. So I'm sorry about that-my bad!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Donald is gone.

Last week was pretty emotional. I think I'm just getting out of that slump. So many feelings!

But there were lots of good feelings. Like, it was sad Donald was leaving, but it was also really awesome. Because he's going to be a great little missionary.

This is our last picture together. So good.

And then. He just left. Gone-zo. The MTC swept him up and we said goodbye.

So proud of him!

Hong Kong is so lucky.

Serving Time Cafe

There is a special place in Utah. A place where few dare to go but where the rewards for going are superb.

This place? The prison cafe.

Just at the point of the mountain, with a lovely few of the mountains and barbed wire fences, there is a cafe open to the public.

This cafe is staffed by some inmates at the prison. They make your food. Because they are learning useful skills! So the food is cheap, and its good. You should probably go.

You should also probably go because they like to joke!

I think it used to be called the Hard Times Cafe, but it is now the Serving Time Cafe. I think one of the best parts of going there, besides the delicious food, is the company. You dine with some of America's finest. I'm speaking, of course, of police officers AND what looked like a gang of construction workers.

You really feel a sense of community.

And we're just really awesome for going. Although we did miss Logan. Those precious heirlooms better have been worth it.

There's even outside seating!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Janna cut my hair

It was an exciting Monday. After a lot of talk, the mission was finally accomplished.

Janna really did cut my hair!
And a lot of it...

You guys. I'm just going to be honest and say that Janna did a pretty dang good job for never cutting hair before. It had a good shape. It was a tad shorter than I had anticipated, but the foundation of the haircut? Awesome. Great. Enjoyable.

But then...Bridget at Fantastic Sams fixed it up a little bit. It was really a two part process. It couldn't have worked without the both of them.

Thanks you two!

Also, please, BYU, could you stop dropping the ball? Gracias.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I made the first step of my next step of life.

And it was hard.

I left Provo. And I think its for the last time. It's a weird feeling. I've left before, but I've always gone back. But this time seems different. And that makes me sad. Saying goodbye was wayyyyy harder than normal. And Donald went into the MTC the same day, so lots of leaving.

It is exciting, though, as I am now in Denver at home, hanging out with the family here until I cross the pond. A stepping stone of sorts.

Last night I couldn't sleep for awhile so I flipped through some of the pamphlets the university sent me to prepare for school. I learned some things about my future:

1. My school has several pubs on campus. I will find a job working at one.

2. I'm pretty sure 90% of the other international students are Asian. Win.

3. I'm already worried about failing out. I won't. But I still worry.

4. I'm moving to England. Whaaat?

And, as always, Kanye speaks to me/for me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Last week we went to eat at this place Pat's BBQ in Salt Lake. To say goodbye to friends moving across the country. It was sad. But also delicious.

Randon and Bethanie. Please don't forget about us!

The BBQ was pretty legit. Lots of meat. Darren really enjoyed it.

Love that face. I also loved that they had this painting on the wall. It was almost as if the real President Cowboy Obama was with us during dinner.

I also spilled my drank all over the place! Sorry waiter Rhett.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Labor Day weekend=big success.

Because I did this most of the time:
(also please click on this and look closely at Janna's face...creep!)

Yes, I slept like a stick! No wiggling allowed (someone didn't adhere to this...)

The gang went to Park City and it was just fantastic. The only time I got out of bed on Sunday was to eat (surprise!) and go to church. And there were like 3085893 people in that congregation because of the long weekend. I saw the boy I was in love with my sophomore year of college and wanted to talk to him...but then I saw his wife and child and decided against it. Big mistake, Jesse.

Anyways, this picture is awesome guys. You win.

A more typical Sunday photo...hey look! Aaron came! We so lucky.

This is what I like to call a Ford sandwich...yum! It's delicious.

Best moment of the trip/my life: Darren and the corn incident. You're welcome Dare!

See, I told you! Why leave when it just felt right?
Then on Monday we hit up the outlet stores! And it was good.


What recession?!?!

Also, do you spy the one and only Mark? Because that was just the cherry on top of this weekend.

And this is why we're all friends:

Janna's shirt says it all.


The other night when I woke up in the middle of the night BECAUSE MY THROAT/BODY WAS BURNING and I thought I was going to die I decided something needed to happen.

Enter: Tums/best thing to ever happen to me

This makes me a real adult now, right?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fam time

Last weekend I got to go home for some extra special family bonding time.

Because little brother Donald is going on his mission next week!

(It makes me sad, so I don't really want to talk about that)

But I was able to hear him speak in his farewell and it was just perfect. This boy is legit. He is full of life and love and goodness and I feel really honored to be his sister. There were some rough times, but lately I've felt extra close to him and so it makes it that much harder to say goodbye. It will be fun to share emails from across the world though...

And lets be serious, I'm honored to be sister to all these boys. I am really lucky, because they are all just upstanding men. They are guys who respect everyone and are just so fun. They are the best guys I know!

And since I'm leaving, and Donald is leaving, and Kris is going to school in Idaho, and life seems to be just going crazy right now, I'm in a weirdly sentimental mood and don't know how to handle it.

In other news, if you want to know what I'll look like the rest of my life, here is a glimpse into the future.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life is hard

You guys, let me just be real right now.

I leave pretty soon.

And while I'm really excited about school and living in England and progressing in these areas of my life, I am also really sad.

It's a strange feeling.

Usually by now, I am full of excitement. I'm planning my future life and dreaming about what it'll be like, but this time around, its a different type of excitement. I feel like I'm saying real goodbyes. It's a little bit depressing. And its this realization that is just making things a little tougher this go around.

I've been a tad nomadic for the past few years. And I've loved it. But I think I'm finally thinking that one day, soon, I'll want to put down some roots.

It's wack.

Also, I went to the dentist today for a check up and they told me I had beautiful gums. And no cavities! For some reason I take extreme pride in any compliments from the dentist. Like hearing them tell me they can tell that I floss is better than anything anyone else could say to me. Seriously. And when I left them I felt real sadness.

I am sad to leave my dentist.

AND Beyonce and Jay-Z are having a baby.
That is awesome.