Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Weekend

It's been a good weekend here in the world of Cindy.

I hung out with friends-I have friends! They are cool. On Friday we ventured out to the Mile High Market wherein we were slightly disappointed by the flea market, but then we got to the furniture section of the market and I automatically wanted to buy lots of things I didn't need. It was then followed by a psychoanalysis that I'm craving furniture because I'm also craving some roots in my life. Always picking up and going-thats what I do.

Anyways. That wasn't important. What's important here is that after that we went to Casa Bonita! If you don't know Casa Bonita, you should. And if you ever come to Denver, you should go there. Because it is awesome. It is a Mexican Restaurant unlike any other restaurant.

Inside it has cliff divers, Black Bart's Cave, an all you can eat dinner menu (so a lot of average food!) and its just like you're eating in the middle of a Mexican villa. And I just read on Wikipedia that it used to be a chain of restaurants, but the one in Denver is the only one left. Don't let it follow in the steps of its brothers and close. Go there.

I also went to my little brothers band competition. It was a first in my life. But it was pretty entertaining and they had really good soft pretzels.

Two other life changing things happened this weekend:

I won a game of Hearts! I won't post the other screen shot because it says how many games I've won and how many I've lost. And thats just really embarrassing. But just know-I won.

ALSO! This is maybe the most life changing:

Do you see that? One of the people who shaped my childhood (and who is featured in the classic and hilarious movie The Stupids) IS FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER. WE CAN COMMUNICATE. I am so excited. Sure he made a mistake by dating Rosanne, but nobody is perfect.

What should I say to him? I need your help.


Neoteric Warrior said...

When I read the part about Tom Arnold I almost fell out of my chair. I was laughing pretty good.

Janna said...

You know, I could really use some more furniture here. Take that into consideration. Also, Tom Arnold following you legitimately just made my day, I can only imagine how you feel.

Jill said...

Your interaction with celebrity has inspired me to finish writing my letter to Brian Wilson (and by finish I mean start).

I'm so happy for you.