Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Current Thoughts

So I said something to Tom Arnold on TWITTER and I've been waiting all night for a response, but he has yet to give one. And I know he's been on twitter because he said some other stuff. So now it is my sole purpose in life to get him to notice me.

(ps this is the same tactic i use to get boys. it usually doesn't work, but you gotta think it will work ONE TIME! so i keep it up)


The first day of not having my paint by number has been really rough. I woke up and just kinda stared at it. You can too, if you want. Just scroll down to that last post. And admire. Its what I do.

(strangely enough, that is also another thing i do to get boys to notice me. don't be surprised if you wake up one day and see me admiring you)


I had some Thai food for lunch today. Usually I love Pad Thai, but this place was simply average. It was somewhat disappointing, but the company made up for it. It was when I was in downtown Denver today that it finally hit me that I am moving to another country in a week. I was waiting for the light rail to bring me back towards my home, and then BAM!
These were my thoughts:

-What if I forgot how to read textbooks?
-What if I freeze to death in the frigid temperatures of England?
-Will the people there appreciate my English accent?

Among other things.

But luckily I am an expert at shoving my feelings/thoughts into a corner of my mind and replacing them with thoughts of The Backstreet Boys and how the Hunger Games movies could find a fitting BSB song for every scene of the upcoming movie.


I love you.

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Jill said...

I formally request a list of the BSB songs you would include on the Hunger Games soundtrack.