Thursday, September 15, 2011


I made the first step of my next step of life.

And it was hard.

I left Provo. And I think its for the last time. It's a weird feeling. I've left before, but I've always gone back. But this time seems different. And that makes me sad. Saying goodbye was wayyyyy harder than normal. And Donald went into the MTC the same day, so lots of leaving.

It is exciting, though, as I am now in Denver at home, hanging out with the family here until I cross the pond. A stepping stone of sorts.

Last night I couldn't sleep for awhile so I flipped through some of the pamphlets the university sent me to prepare for school. I learned some things about my future:

1. My school has several pubs on campus. I will find a job working at one.

2. I'm pretty sure 90% of the other international students are Asian. Win.

3. I'm already worried about failing out. I won't. But I still worry.

4. I'm moving to England. Whaaat?

And, as always, Kanye speaks to me/for me.

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