Monday, September 26, 2011

Paint By Number Genius

The masterpiece is done.

(many thanks to logan, janna, and the inspiring nature of my work)


Coralie said...

Pretty amaZing! I'm not going to lie;) you've got some mad color by number Skills!

Janna said...

I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The best parts of my summer were spent pbning.

Jill said...

Cindy, it looks soooo gooooooood! I feel like mine will never be finished.

Logg said...

Your composition and treatment of the subject is top-notch. And your use of perspective to emphasis the rigid (and might I add, unjust) caste system within tiger society that most people are woefully ignorant of is truly inspired. A+
My horses only wish they could be as cool as your tigers.