Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Labor Day weekend=big success.

Because I did this most of the time:
(also please click on this and look closely at Janna's face...creep!)

Yes, I slept like a stick! No wiggling allowed (someone didn't adhere to this...)

The gang went to Park City and it was just fantastic. The only time I got out of bed on Sunday was to eat (surprise!) and go to church. And there were like 3085893 people in that congregation because of the long weekend. I saw the boy I was in love with my sophomore year of college and wanted to talk to him...but then I saw his wife and child and decided against it. Big mistake, Jesse.

Anyways, this picture is awesome guys. You win.

A more typical Sunday photo...hey look! Aaron came! We so lucky.

This is what I like to call a Ford sandwich...yum! It's delicious.

Best moment of the trip/my life: Darren and the corn incident. You're welcome Dare!

See, I told you! Why leave when it just felt right?
Then on Monday we hit up the outlet stores! And it was good.


What recession?!?!

Also, do you spy the one and only Mark? Because that was just the cherry on top of this weekend.

And this is why we're all friends:

Janna's shirt says it all.


Jill said...

This makes me sad.

Jill said...

Also, why did no one tell me Mark was coming?

Jill said...

Also, can you please re-enact the corn incident for me? This looks amusing.