Friday, September 23, 2011

Serving Time Cafe

There is a special place in Utah. A place where few dare to go but where the rewards for going are superb.

This place? The prison cafe.

Just at the point of the mountain, with a lovely few of the mountains and barbed wire fences, there is a cafe open to the public.

This cafe is staffed by some inmates at the prison. They make your food. Because they are learning useful skills! So the food is cheap, and its good. You should probably go.

You should also probably go because they like to joke!

I think it used to be called the Hard Times Cafe, but it is now the Serving Time Cafe. I think one of the best parts of going there, besides the delicious food, is the company. You dine with some of America's finest. I'm speaking, of course, of police officers AND what looked like a gang of construction workers.

You really feel a sense of community.

And we're just really awesome for going. Although we did miss Logan. Those precious heirlooms better have been worth it.

There's even outside seating!

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Logg said...

Worth it. Those antiquities made it possible for me to purchase the bowtie that made me look so dapper at your going away tea party.