Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I just got dressed for the day. But you don't really know what time it is here, so its fine. Right?

I also just wrote a paragraph on how I think I have another ear infection (that makes 4 this year) but I deleted it. Because you guys don't want to read about my health issues!

You want to read about my other issues!

I have class in about ten minutes though, so I don't know how in depth we're going to get.

A few examples of my issues:

I'm struggling with the idea of wearing socks that peek up under my boots. You know what I mean? I think its the thing this fall/winter and I'm really trying. Right now I'm wearing socks under my boots and they were making their appearance, showing themselves. But I pushed them back down to the unseen world because I just can't dedicate myself to it.

I really do like all my roommates. I have no problems with any of them. I do have issues sharing a kitchen with 13 other people, though. So I have discovered days and times when nobody is in there, and I own that kitchen. 3:30 pm? I can have lunch then. 10pm? I'll make tomorrows breakfast. There are ways around this. A couple of my housemates have mentioned that they haven't seen me for awhile, and this is sad, but it is necessary for my sanity.

We had a fire-drill. Friday morning. 9 am. I never.ever.ever. had a fire-drill in college. It was really fun. Oh wait. It wasn't.

The bus that takes me to and from church is the smelliest bus I've ever been on.

The rest of the world does not use the phrase 'sugar daddy' (except for my class of teenage boys in Korea that i taught). Tonight in my linguistics class we were talking about word formations and she asked if anybody knew what it meant. Finally, a shining moment for yours truly.


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