Sunday, October 23, 2011

A word on the weekend

Such a good weekend. I'm sitting here completely content with my life, and it feels real good.

There are some choice people here, and I got to enjoy some dinner with them! Ben, Hannah, and Beth-you guys are great. And Mexican food? I'll learn to love the UK version of you.

My favorite part of this meal was when Hannah got her fudge waffle for dessert. In the menu it had been described as being 'drowning in fudge and caramel sauce" but when she got it, it looked more like it was wading in the fudge. So she brought this up to the waiter, and he returned to drown it in chocolate. Making things happen. That's what she does.

I also appreciated the fact that Ben expressed his love for the Backstreet Boys openly. Quit playin' games with my heart, Ben! Don't worry. Beth and I are already planning on making that concert happen. April seems sooo far away.

(I love these shoes. And the bus)

This weekend was also Stake Conference for church-when the congregations in a certain geographical location meet together as one big congregation-and it was real good. I left church feeling completely fulfilled in every way. I don't usually go all church on my blog, but I just want to say that this church is true. It just is. And it continually blesses me in every facet of my life. This conference was all about reaching out to people as Christ reaches out to people and it gave me a renewed desire to always be on the look out for those who need a hand. Love it.


Elizabeth said...

Haha, I read "I don't usually go all church" as "I don't usually go to church." I thought, "Uh oh. Well, maybe that's not what she meant." Glad to see the post ended well. :)

Jeff said...