Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Libraries and trains

First off, I found this on the little site Pinterest the other day and it perfectly fits all my current needs.  How do I get one of these?  Seriously.  I need it.  
(birthday idea!) 
(actually probably don't get this for me because i would be too ashamed to 
openly display my loneliness in public) 
(actually i probably wouldn't be too ashamed)

Also, I got a job.

I was in London all weekend, with my train arriving back into York on Monday morning.  The interview was set up after I had bought my tickets and as I tried to change the time, it was impossible to do so.  

I wasn't really worried, because my arrival time was a full hour before my interview was to start, so I was confident in my ability to make it happen.

What I didn't expect was the 30 minute train delay.  Blast!

Still, we made it back and I told myself I'd just go straight to the library, luggage and all.  I was a little worried when the bus pulled over to check for a flat tire (thinking, 'but of course this is happening to me! i have an interview in ten minutes'), but we soon started the journey again with no problem.

I get to the library.  The sweetest looking little old lady takes me upstairs for a 'shelving test'.  Never have I been so nervous to alphabetize books.  But, I know my ABC's.  Owned it.

Then I go meet with two women for my official interview.  It was pretty standard, with typical interview questions and my pretty typical responses, but one lady did use the word "smashing" twice to describe my answers.  I love that word.  

As I got up to leave, I said my goodbyes and I threw my little duffel bag over my shoulder.

This led to a decent sized white board that had been leaning against the wall to come crashing down...onto my head.

Three hours later, the job was mine.

I make really good first impressions.


Mikelle and Nate said...

Hahaha....you do make good first impressions! Glad you got the job!

stewedslacker said...

Good job with the Alphabet. Doing BYU proud ;)

Cora Newman said...

But you're not shelving books for the Lord.