Monday, November 7, 2011


This past weekend I hit up a little town by the name of London.

It was good.

Thanks to Mikelle and Nate for letting me stay at their place and just taking such good care of me!

I had only been to London once before for a brief albeit memorable trip with some of my BFF's, so it was nice to just kind of take our time seeing some things I hadn't been to before and enjoying life.  You know, like we're supposed to be doing.  Love life.  Even though its hard.

I know, this video has long pauses of silence but my music additions were not really working.  So it just gives you some time to think about if you were a wax figure, how would that make you feel?

Fo shizzle.


roxanne said...

cindy i. love. your. life. Watching your videos are the highlights of my mundane-library-studying-life.

San Ba Po said...

sophie was giggling when we were watching your blog entry. Miss you darling!