Monday, November 21, 2011


(sorry i was a bad blogger last week.  like, foreal bad blogger.  embarrassing)

You guys. So much love in my life right now.

I found this.  

Because sometimes, all you want is a Mountain I right!??!  

Also, I finally figured out which professor with whom I want to have a torrid affair.  From his accent I gather he is from Scotland and he is kind of fantastic.  We'll call him Joseph.  I hope Joseph and I have some good stories later.  And he's not even that old.  Totally doable. (aww yeah)

I also had my first real day at work today, and the IT guy had really pretty eyes.  So he's another option in my list of 'people i could love but that would create really awkward situations'.  So many good things happening.  He had to email me about gaining access to the library system, so I'm trying to come up with a good reason to email him back (i.e. "can you help me set up this printer? my room?")  Any suggestions are appreciated.

Now let us get back to the real world and into my solitude.  

And Mt. Dew.

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Logg said...

Whoa, where did you find that? I ended up having to go onto a US military base to get my Dew fix when I was in England.