Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Saturday I had the chance to hop on a bus (or coach, as they call it here) with my fellow church peeps to go to the Preston England temple.  

So good.  So, so good.


England Veech Family said...

OH Cindy I am so very happy that you had a trip to the temple. I thought it was going to be even longer as there wasn't a Wednesday I had free of us to go until next week. I do want to go and we need to do it together. There are some fun things to do on the way and it was be a good day and even better being with you.

stewedslacker said...
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stewedslacker said...

Well Cindizzle, looks like your adventures continue. I love temples wherever they lay, and those photos make me want to visit that one too. And also, because I can't figure out how to post on your "5 head" post, I must remind you that some people (like ME) have what perhaps would be considered a "20 Head". So don't be ashamed, let the don't hide your candle under a bushel, rather, let it shine from the top or your head.