Monday, November 28, 2011


This year I spent Thanksgiving here.  In York.  Well, actually, I went over to the city of Harrogate and hung out with my friend Duncan.  This is what we looked liked:

 (the black and white makes it seem like we've been friends forever.  which isn't true, it just feels true)

Duncan has lived here his whole life so he knows the ins and outs of the town and we spent some time exploring this little forest (I wish I lived next to a forest) and he showed me this little perfect spot for sitting.

 It was a pleasant day and while it wasn't the typical Thanksgiving experience, it was exactly what I needed in my life.  And I have to soak up as much Dunx time as possible before he moves to another country! (who does that, btw?!)  We also saw Tin Tin, which was surprisingly enjoyable.  Tin Tin is legit.

Turns out my family also had an enjoyable Thanksgiving back home.  There are certain moments I wish I could've been a part of, including when my Grandma started yelling from the bottom of the basement stairs for someone to come, and when my Mom got there she found Grandma holding a sign:

Can't make this stuff up.


Katie said...

Your grandma sounds hilarious!

Ricky and Mindy said...


You should probably know what "Tin Tin" means in Cebuano...Let me know when you're ready.