Wednesday, November 30, 2011


You guys.  

There is a big night coming up here.  The York Ball (aka big mormon dance).  Friday.

(Ah! So nervous!  What if no one wants to dance with me!!!)

I have a killer dress.  But the question of how I should do my hair has been stressin' me!

My bangs (or fringe as they call it here) is at a confusing length.  They are fine most of the time, but they're getting a tad too long.  Which means I touch them a lot.  Which means they get real gross real fast.

SO.  Do I trim the bangs/fringe?  Because we all know Imma be busting a dance move on Friday night meaning I'll be swooping them back meaning I'll be extra sweaty meaning I'll have real nasty hair at the end of the night.

OR do I grow my bangs/fringe out and just put my hair back for the ball?  And when considering this option, lets not forget the bald spot aka my forehead
(also, here is another story of my forehead.  i should be embarrassed about how often i've posted about it, but i am not-you won't be disappointed if/when you click on those links)

Really I just need to know in general.  Do the bangs stay or go?

I've made a survey.  Please consider the options and answer accordingly.  You have until Thursday night.
Thank you.

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Katie said...

Drop the scissors and read Rubi's hair blog. You need to go to Paris before Friday!