Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Throwback Thursday

Pre-England life was good to me.  I miss it!
So I shall revisit some things that happened before I made my way over here.

The circus.
It is awesome.

Somehow three other people wanted to join in on these shenanigans, and I was real happy
about that.  Because having four of us there made it was less weird.  I'm pretty sure we were
the only people there without children.  Creepers.

Before the show they had a ‘meet and greet’ kind of thing where you could hang out with the clowns, watch the elephant paint, and try on costumes.  And we did all of the above.

                This clown was my best friend.  We danced to Lady Gaga together.

 Oh. Another bonus.  Clown noses.  Sold.  I’m in.

There were some crazy happenings under that big top!  I’m not complaining.  But I am admitting to being a little jealous of their useless skills.

These two brothers were my favorite.  They were really really strong.  No homo.

No wait-these two brothers (and Elisa) were my favorite!

Thanks Ringling Brothers.  You da best.

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