Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Sometimes I miss America.

When I do miss it, I try to play a fun game.  Like, "Name every state in four minutes!" or "If you had to pick the top 5-10 best looking presidents, who would they be?"

So, here you go.  My top presidents, in no particular order: 

Harry Truman
(the man looks good in those frames)

33 - Harry Truman

Rutherford B. Hayes
(it may or may not be the beard)

19 - Rutherford Hayes

Ulysses S. Grant
(for sure in the top three for me)

18 - Ulysses Grant

George W. Bush
(better looking than his daddy)

43 - George W Bush

Theodore Roosevelt
(i admit i have a weird love for him; its not normal)

26 - Theodore Roosevelt

Thomas Jefferson
(i have a feeling he'd look even better in real life)

3 - Thomas Jefferson

(seriously.  eleanor must've been really funny or something)

32 - Franklin Roosevelt

Bill Clinton

42 - Bill Clinton

And there you go! 

I love America.

(And some of the scariest looking:

Andrew Johnson, Martin Van Buren, James Monroe, and John Quincy Adams

You never would've been elected if television had existed when you were running.)

17 - Andrew Johnson


Katie said...

K, no way! Hayes beard is nastified! And sometimes I wish television was banned during debates so we could just focus on platforms.

Emily said...


That was hilarious!

Abe has always made my top five. There's just something about him.

blakecgriffin said...

I assume Obama isn't on here because you're racist.

Chad said...

You know if you look at Andrew Johnson he looks kind of Tommy Lee Jones. Especially if look at the T-zone of his face and ignore his slightly odd hair.

Erin said...

Probably you've already seen this, but just in case--

Also, you are awesome. I look forward to your next America blog post.