Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekly Randoms

One of my friends, Betty, who is maybe the funniest person I've ever met (tonight at dinner she told one of the missionaries that he wasn't the most handsome elder) read my palm tonight.  She's Chinese and has the best accent/intonations ever.  Anyways.  She gave some insight into my future that should be documented.

-I will live to be over 100
-I will have two boys and one girl
-I will get married soon-like, in the next year.  Big news.
-My husband and I will fight a lot, but he'll be rich and powerful, so I'm ok with that
-My big work promotion won't happen until I'm in my 50's 

So I'll keep you updated on whether or not any of those things happen.  

Also, a side note, 129 days until Backstreet Boys.

And, to celebrate the last day of classes today, I've had my own Law and Order Marathon and am on my sixth episode.  I'll be honest-it isn't the same without Christopher Meloni.  But its still good.  

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