Sunday, January 8, 2012


I love New Years Resolutions.  

(last years resolutions were a success)

And when I say I love them, I really mean it.

I love goals in general.  I write them all the time.  I don't know if I've mentioned it before on here, and I'm too lazy to look, but I have a goal book that I started when I was about 14 years old.  One of those old black and white composition notebooks.  I would write down EVERYTHING I wanted to accomplish in that book.  They included things like "Meet the Backstreet Boys" and "Be on the Price is Right".  Along with some more important goals, like "Make it into show choir!" and "Graduate with honors".  I had a lot of friends in high school, ok?  I would constantly edit this book; adding new goals, writing in the dates when I accomplished others.  It was a really sad day when, next to the goal "Go to TRL in NYC!" I had to write cancelled.  Oh Carson Daly.  Such a heart breaker.

Then, there was a period of time in college, when my roommate and I would write weekly goals and post them on our wall.  And then each Sunday we would evaluate our success/failures.  Our goals were too embarrassing to list here, but lets just say they sometimes had something to do with what she learned in her Marriage Prep class (its a real class. thank you BYU).  We are both still single.  

Anyways, as much as I've matured, my goals have not, as my 2012 Resolutions/goals include going to the NKOTBSB concert (which we all know is already going to happen in April).  I love goals that are easy like that.

I've never posted my goals on here (again, i don't think i have.  and i'm still too lazy to check) but I thought, it's cool to do!  Right?  Or is it trendy?  And not that awesome?  No bother, it's still going to happen.

So here, in their glory, are some of my 2012 Resolutions/Goals/To-do's

(if you have any other awesome suggestions for me, please share!)

1. Visit 3 new countries.  Maybe even get an insert in my passport!
2. Graduate/have my dissertation win
3. Take a language course
4. Say yes more
5. Show more appreciation
6. Budget my money
7. Finish my book (i am writing a book)
8. Serve others everyday
9. Find a good first career job
10. 2012-Commit(elve!)

I am so excited.


Meg said...



Natalie said...

I have another list item for you: become a gourmet cook.
Please tell me you can watch Rachael vs. Guy on Food Network. It's cooking with the stars, basically. But put Aaron Carter and Coolio in the kitchen, and you KNOW you gonna be laughin' all the way home. Best line tonite: "You, TOO, can be a kitchen pimp." Classic.
Glad you're back safe!

Coralie said...

I love goals too. And I love that you have a book with all of them in there. How fun is that!? Now I need a book!

i just read this cheesy LDS Romance novel called The List. It's 25 things she wants to do before she got married. And, like I said, it was cheesy, but I was loving her list. But now I don't need a list. I need a book like you. Thanks for the inspiration! ;)