Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holiday Wrap Up

It's Saturday night and the only time I've left my flat today is to get some groceries to last for the weekend.  

I arrived back in York on Thursday afternoon, after a long and mostly uneventful travel time.  

Scratch that.  There was some excitement.  One of the flight attendants asked me to move up a few rows and I did.  So he offered to buy me a drink.  You know, like a real drink.  I told him I was fine with my cran-apple juice (sidenote-i always always drink this on airplanes.  and never anywhere else).  He double checked, "Are you sure you don't want a glass of wine?" It was hard to turn down, but I did it.  I was also busy playing Angry Birds (i'm back on angry birds) so I really just wanted him to stop talking to me.  

So yeah, not exciting!

I had all intentions of going into work for a little bit after getting back.  I wasn't completely sleep deprived-I felt like I got a good few hours of sleep on the plane and train, but after I walked into my room my bed just looked too good to resist.  So I told myself I'd just take a short little nap!  

Seven hours later, my nap ended.  And there I was.  Wide awake.  At 11pm at night.  Oh goody!

I wasted time like a champ a few hours, then tried to sleep.  It did not come until close to 7 am.  By this time I almost just got up for the day, but...yeah right.  I told myself that I could sleep for awhile and then work at noon.  Easy peasy! 

And failure came again as I didn't get up until 1:30pm.  I put in a whole 2.5 hours at work this week.  Solid showing.

Anyways, that's what I've been doing since I've been back!  But today I did actually study and watch a whole disk of Seinfeld.  Just color me productive!

Oh right.  I was going to post about my Christmas break!  I went home!  You all know that!  

It was really fun.  So fun that I almost didn't want to come back.  

But then I told myself, I could finish this degree.

So that's what I'm doing.  

Update complete.  
(hey, no one is forcing you to read this.  except me)

And a photo of the Eiffel Tower:


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Melanie said...

Cindy, so glad you had a great visit home for the holidays.