Friday, January 20, 2012

Into the Ocean

Last Saturday morning I woke up and had to be to my exam by 9am.

It was a horrible way to start a Saturday morning.  Or any morning, really.

The air was crisp.  There was a layer of frost covering the ground.  It was cold.

But still, the plans for the day had to continue.  We were to go to the ocean!  And jump into the freezing water.

And when I say we, I really mean two of my best mates here: Ben and John.

I had originally planned to join in the jumping of the ocean, but it was less than ideal circumstances. I figure I can wait to enjoy the freezing water when its not deathly cold outside.

John was an excellent driver, even though we had some sheep try to deter us.

This is a picture of their hands BEFORE they jumped in.  Not natural.

Ben and John were excellent wave riders.  The waves were really quite big and even though I'm pretty sure both of them ended up with signs of hypothermia, it was totally worth it.

I just want everyone to take a moment appreciate John's wetsuit.  He has remarkable calves. 

Best picture of Ben.  Ever.

A very unfortunate street map:

This street was rampant with crane games.  I love crane games.  

Scarborough, you are an excellent little place.  I want to go back right now.

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