Monday, January 9, 2012

It doesn't take long

I've been back for only a few days, but I already miss America again.

Then today while I was shelving some books in the Political History section, I caught a glimpse of a book jacket, and this man:

Denis Healey.  

Can we all just take a moment of silence for the beauty of his eyebrows?  Healey was the Secretary of State for Defence in the 1960's and then the Chancellor of the Exchequer (i had no idea what that was so don't be ashamed to click on that link to see what that means) in the 1970's.  So , a pretty big political overachiever. 

ANYWAYS.  Point is, I feel like there's no one even close to having eyebrows like this in Congress.  I started going through all their pictures on the official website, but it was taking too long.  But I know for sure that no Congressman/woman from any of the A states have eyebrows like this.

I do know one person who can compete with Healey's eyebrows:

Picture of Nicolaas Unlandt

Dr. Unlandt-one of my old professors from BYU.  Sometimes I could barely focus on the troubadours and the Middle Ages in France because every time he spoke, his eyebrows would distract me.

And now I will be done.

Happy Monday!


Rachel said...

Prof. U. is my eyebrown hero.

Natalie said...

Laugh. Out. Loud!