Monday, January 23, 2012

Lets Talk Politics

Its been awhile since I did a little political blurb on this little ol' blog.  Part of me feels a little disconnected from it all since I'm overseas, but thankfully we still have the internet (close call this week) and I can read.  

We all know who the Democratic nominee is:

I mostly like him because I picture him and Michelle on a double date with Jay-Z and Beyonce.  And on that double date they're jammin' out to some Kanye and then taking turns freestylin' and dropping it like its hott.  And I like that in a President.  I also really really like his VP:

It's Joe Biden!  As a young man.  NOW can you see why I love him so much?!  Such a dreamboat-this might go on my wall.

Now as far as the Republican nominee is concerned, things are a little bit trickier. And a whole lot less dreamboat-y.

We have Newty Newt, Mormon Mittens, Little Dicky, and Rockin' Ronny McD.  They all look like Presidential material.  Minus a couple of them.

It has been quite a race, and even I am shocked Newty Newt took South Carolina-and by a significant margin.  I am confused at exactly how and why this happened, but you know, whatever works.  Florida happens in a week and that will add another piece to the puzzle of who will be on the ballot.

2012.  Such drama.

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