Thursday, January 12, 2012

A tribute

Bear Lake

If I were in Utah this weekend, I know where I'd be,
A place where its happy, and go-lucky, and free.
One of my favorite spots in the whole wide world,
It's not even mine! But oh how I've twirled.
You see, I like 360's, especially at the lake,
When there's monkey's in the bed, you can't be a flake.
And where would George go without a boat?
Or the rest of us keeping it all afloat?
This place is of dreams and sometimes of nightmares,
After scary stories, my pillow is covered in tears.
I'd say I love it for all of the movies we watch,
But with all my sleeping you'd think I'd had some scotch!
The food is always delicious and yummy and good,
I'd stay there forever, or at least a few days, if I could.
The location is great but what makes it most fine,
Are the people who go there, and the Ponderosa Pine.

(one year ago)


Katie said...

I love your poem. and I love Bear Lake. The combo made me think back to our Pioneer Day Poetry night at bear lake this summer. I recently found my poem stuffed away and revived it away with a reading. such wonderful memories :)

Janna said...

I can't even tell you how happy this made me. I will recite it at the MLKJ day reading in honor of you.