Monday, February 27, 2012


Today I saw a one-legged duck and I thought to myself, "hey, my life isn't so bad!"

But then I kept thinking about it and I wondered if it would be harder or easier to take off my pants if I only had one leg.  At first I thought it'd be faster because, hello, only one leg.  But then I started thinking about the logistics behind having to jump up at the exact right moment to pull the pant leg off.

But then I realized I wouldn't have to wear pants if I was a duck.

Duck win?

Also, I'm on a new Tyler Perry movie kick.  I don't know why. 

Oh wait, yes I do:

And thats a happy Monday to you all!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Week. End.

So this is the last post on why this week was so awesome.  I thought about doing two more posts, but then that just sounded like too much work.  

Insert: collage of photographic evidence of good times

The pictures are in (mostly) the order they happened, so a brief rundown explanation:

1. While walking to pick up a car that Todd rented on a whim the night before, we came across this sign hanging in a window.  "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas".  Just an fyi.
2. Todd drove because he is a man.
3-5.  It was pretty.
6-8.  The famous town Cockermouth (why oh why is there a town named this!?)
9. We got a call from Enterprise the morning we were going to pick up the car.  They said they had a shortage of vehicles and the only thing available was an estate van.  Awesome.  We took it.  It smelled like weed (the back would be perfect for hot-boxing, so i can't blame them).  Also, I want to say here that Todd did a great job driving on the wrong (right) side of the road, except for the first three minutes we were in the car and when we turned out of Enterprise-we maybe almost died.  But after that-smooth sailing.
10-11.  Todd taught me how to drive a manual.  I had had only brief experience with a stick shift before in my life, but I was cruising down those old country roads like a pro.  Anyways, I pulled over at this lake and it was pretty.  So we took pictures.
12-14. Whitehaven.  A town on the western coast of England.  Freezing.  But beautiful.

The rest of the pictures are from Wednesday.  I had class/work until mid-afternoon, so Todd wandered around York and we met up for a tour of the York Minster.  Lucky for us, we forgot it was Ash Wednesday and so it was free!  Bam.  Don't worry-I still made a donation.  We also went back that night for the Eucharist which was very cool.  That night also included a ride on the York ferris wheel (i seriously love ferris wheels) and a fancy dinner in town.  

Then he left.

The End.


The internet just gets me.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

This Week (part 3)

And the real reason this week was mo' betta than most:


Being the champ that he is, Todd tried for standby on his Friday night, Saturday night, and he finally made it out on Sunday night.  Meaning he got into London Monday morning and hopped on a train up to York.  

We were finally reunited!

First stop: the famous Betty's.

After our tea room experience, we wandered, ate some dinner, and grabbed tickets to the show currently in town: Spamalot!  A delight for everyone-minus Todd, who was running on about an hour of sleep and therefore was in and out of consciousness during the show.  But I'm pretty sure even he liked the parts he was awake for.

Bam! Monday was good.  Real good.

Friday, February 24, 2012

This Week (part 2)

Anytime Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson puts out a new movie, the world becomes a brighter place.

And I end up going to the movies alone.  

That being said, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island was exactly how it looked in the trailers.  So good, right?

And The Rock's performance was flawless, as usual.

Ok, so it actually wasn't that amazing (surprise!) but Dwayne is looking good.  That man is a beast.  He's giant. And he sings in it! And I love him.  

(The movie actually made me think of my uncle who wrote his college thesis on how he knows the location of Atlantis, but that's a blog for another day)

In the words of Mariah Carey, we belong together.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Week

This week was better than the rest.

(First installment)

Last Saturday.  I woke up at 5 am to make my 6 am train to London.  I almost missed it because the taxi was a few minutes late, but I arrived just in time.

Normally I would've been real angry waking up that early, especially on a Saturday, but this was for a good reason.

Todd was coming!

Well, hopefully.  He was flying standby and things were not looking good when I went to bed on Friday night.

He would try to get in on Sunday, but in reality he didn't make it until Monday. 

Which meant I was in London without him. This was not the original plan, but it was still a good time!

I wandered a lot during the day (taking pictures of statues faces, naturally) and then that night, I met up with Mikelle and Nate and we learned all about Jack the Ripper on a walking tour! It was seriously cool.  And then we ate delicious Thai food and Amorino gelato for dessert.  Who knew a serial killer tour could make you so hungry?


(i stole this pic from Mikelle-sorry!  Also, sorry for my face)

Nate and Mikelle.  So great.

Friday, February 17, 2012


So, there's this National Railway Museum here in York.

Even though its free entry, I'd never really had the desire to go.  A bunch of trains?  Really?

But sometimes my desires change.

(and after walking through it today i can see myself spending a lot of time there.  it looks foreal cool)

For this week, they have a special display:

Wizard Week at the museum!  This train went to Hogwarts, suckas!

I'm not even a super-duper excited HP fan (i've only read up to the middle of book 4) but I figured I at least had to go see this thing.  I guess they had owls, too, but sadly I missed them.  Real bummer.

Also, I had big plans to record and make a sweet video out of this, but my battery died right after this picture.  But just so you know, there was a group of girls (i mean they looked around my age) who walked out in front of me and they were squealing with delight. Loudly. Then they saw me and looked a little embarrassed, but then they saw that I was by myself so I also must be a freak HP fan like them so then they continued in their excitement.

Trains.  Bringing people together.  Thanks, Harry.

(keeping on this DanRad note, I just saw The Woman in Black and it was pretty spooky.  
so if you're into that, you should probably check it out.  
and i did spend a few minutes trying to see if he had a scar on his forehead in this movie.  he doesn't)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

London Eye Spy

While I am an avid and dedicated Backstreet Boys lover, NSYNC just came on my playlist and I am really enjoying jamming out to (Dirty) Pop right now.  And its not even my favorite NSYNC song! 
(and just so you know, top nsync songs include: i want you back, it makes me ill, girlfriend, and this i promise you)

Anyways.  Point is, a couple weeks ago I did something fantastic.

I like to call it: The Best 12 Hours.

My friend Maude, whom I met during my Paris Study Abroad 2006 (shout out to you guys! some of the best of the best went on that trip), is currently back in Paris doing awesome things.  And I'm in York, doing less awesome things.  Anyways, we'd been trying to plan a time to go and meet up somewhere and when it got down to it, we both didn't have a ton of options that worked with both our schedules (but the future months do look more promising).

So it was planned: 12 hours in London.  It's pretty much halfway between us and it turned out to be totally worth it.  

From an outsider perspective, it probably won't sound that amazing.  We wandered a lot, because we're both indecisive and didn't really plan any part of our day.  But it was so perfect.  We ate at chain restaurants (ps Wagamama is delicious!  and their staff is very international-we probably understood 13% of what our waiters said), we ate chocolate, we took the bus to its final destination without knowing exactly where it was going, we met a strange man who is a chef and who also took a picture of Maude on his iphone, we laughed until my stomach hurt (i can't speak for maude), we shared our individual yet same concerns over being so far away from our families and the pros and cons of international living, we ended up both having train delays and then miraculously ran into each other on the street outside of the stations, we saw London from the sky on the London Eye (after sitting through a very rough 4D experience), we met a nice Egyptian man on said London Eye (its actually a socially difficult situation on those things-like an elevator but worse.  you have to plan who you talk to and at what point you engage in conversation because you're going to be stuck within 10 feet of them for 20 minutes), we talked about things that were both embarrassing and hilarious, and we ate more chocolate.

It was so nice.

And now, a photo journey:
(to see things from Maude's perspective, you can click here!  she is way mo' betta at taking pictures)

Monday, February 13, 2012


I try to keep up with the news as much as I can.

Recently I've added the BBC website to my list of sources to peruse when the mood strikes.

And let me tell you, it has some good stuff on there.

Just tonight I was caught by some very interesting headlines (the articles are just as good):

Changmao and Chunzi at Yunnan Wildlife Park (2 December 2011)

This is real article about, well, a deer and ram getting married.  If you don't want to read the article, totally fine.  Here is the best part:

"But Changmao (the ram) has not been exactly faithful to Chunzi. He fathered a baby lamb with the zoo's only female sheep."

And the second article:

I think my favorite part about this one is the fact that its #5 on the most popular article list.  People are way more interested in ponytails than I thought!  

And thats whats going on in the world.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have not been warm in what feels like days.

This cold spell has to stop.

If, for anything, to make me not feel/look like a homeless person every time I leave my house.

A homeless person with wannabe hipster glasses.

(gotta keep the rep up, you know? especially on the streets)


Recently I made friends with a new kid.  

I knew we were foreal real friends (well, i guess this is still debatable but whatever) when we were talking about music.

And Jay-Z.

Our mutual love for this man, and the discovery that both of us own his biography Decoded, was a revelation.

Also, I know its maybe too much because I already shared this link on the FB, but just how perfect is this picture?

Jay-Z Holding Baby Blue

(via here-baby girl already has her own tumblr and is featured on a song by her daddy)

I've never been more jealous of an infant.

And yes, I realize this is ridiculous.  It's how I do.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Summer of Legends

Tonight I was going through some old pictures.

Sometimes this activity makes me sad.  Other times it makes me happy.

I'm feeling a mix of both right now.  But mostly happy.  Because I have some good friends.  And we've had many a good times.  

A sample, specifically from the Summer of Legends. 

Such joyful and carefree days.  I had my mullet and you can tell how busy I was by how tan I got.

Also, this makes me extra hate the snow currently covering the ground.  

Hope you're having an awesome Tuesday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Power Outage

There was a fire in the Chemistry building on campus.  
Lucky for me, that happens to be right next to where I live!

Which means we were out of power for a couple hours today.

And even though now our electricity is working, there is no warmth in my building.

No heat.  No hot water.

But thats ok. I've been freezing before.

And also, I worked on this video.  I don't talk in it at all so you might like it.

I didn't realize how shaky I was with the camera.  I'll try to be better, but no promises.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Despite being ridiculously cold lately, beauty is still everywhere.

(only when its not raining, of course)