Friday, February 17, 2012


So, there's this National Railway Museum here in York.

Even though its free entry, I'd never really had the desire to go.  A bunch of trains?  Really?

But sometimes my desires change.

(and after walking through it today i can see myself spending a lot of time there.  it looks foreal cool)

For this week, they have a special display:

Wizard Week at the museum!  This train went to Hogwarts, suckas!

I'm not even a super-duper excited HP fan (i've only read up to the middle of book 4) but I figured I at least had to go see this thing.  I guess they had owls, too, but sadly I missed them.  Real bummer.

Also, I had big plans to record and make a sweet video out of this, but my battery died right after this picture.  But just so you know, there was a group of girls (i mean they looked around my age) who walked out in front of me and they were squealing with delight. Loudly. Then they saw me and looked a little embarrassed, but then they saw that I was by myself so I also must be a freak HP fan like them so then they continued in their excitement.

Trains.  Bringing people together.  Thanks, Harry.

(keeping on this DanRad note, I just saw The Woman in Black and it was pretty spooky.  
so if you're into that, you should probably check it out.  
and i did spend a few minutes trying to see if he had a scar on his forehead in this movie.  he doesn't)

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